Guangxi anglers caught 3 catties of yellow hot ding, north anglers think impossible, is this true?Fake?

Yellow catfish, is commonly known as yellow spicy ding, yellow bone fish, yellow gu zi, yellow shagu, yellow horn ding, thorn yellow stock, ang thorn fish.I believe that fishermen in the north often call them huang La Ding.It’s the kind of fish that anglers often catch.How big is the biggest yellow spicy ding, there has been no conclusion.May be my personal comparison points back, the largest yellow hot ding only caught less than 4 liang.And angler friend said he had caught close to a jin of yellow hot ding in Baiyangdian, is not exaggerated do not know.But these days, a fisherman in Guangxi published in the video, he caught a 3 jin of huge yellow hot ding, he also weighed with a scale, the weight should be no problem.The fishermen who believe in the north will not believe this is true, because in the impression of the fishermen in the north, huang Spicy ding can not grow to such a huge size.Some anglers have questioned the video, saying it’s not a yellow catfish 𫚔, or a bull tail. Others think it’s more like the Angle of the shotThis angler also specially measured the length of this fish, up to 48cm, if it is really yellow spicy ding, it is really a huge, after all, in the northern area we can catch yellow spicy ding is only about 20CM.Finally, the angler, thinking that it was easier for the fish to grow so big, let it go.Much to the disappointment of many gourmands, this individual fish tastes better, yellow or not.So is this yellow hot ding?Why don’t the fishermen in the north believe this video?The reason is that there are no such fish in northern areas.This fish is indeed a “yellow catfish” but it is not the same as the “yellow catfish” found all over the country and common in the north.This fish is called Pelteobagrus vulgaris.This fish is also a species of bagridae and bagridae.The body size is larger than that of the yellow catfish. The encyclopedia records that the body length of about 30CM is relatively large, but this angler caught obviously much larger, maybe yao Ming in the yellow catfish.So why don’t most northern anglers know this yellow catfish?In fact, this yellow catfish lives in waters not mainly in the north.This kind of fish is more common in the Pearl River, minjiang River, Xiangjiang River, Yangtze River and Huaihe River, but it is hard to find in the waters of north China now.At the same time, even if this species is present in northern waters, it is mostly due to the cold weather in the north, which makes the individual growth of Pelteobagrus vulgaris less rapid.After all, the color of pelteobagrus wallagrus is quite different from that of the fish we usually catch, and most of the fish caught by northern fishermen are treated as strange catfish.If I didn’t write about this kind of fishing science, catching a Walrus pelteobagrus would really treat it like a strange-looking catfish.For now, pelteobagrus walrus is not a protected species and can be sold or eaten by anglers.Some netizens speculated that the fish weighing 3 jin could be sold for at least several hundred yuan.But many fishermen are particular about the fish released, not for the fish but for entertainment.That’s part of the fun of fishing, never knowing what you’re going to catch next.Many netizens praised him for his act of releasing the fish, believing that such a fisherman is a real fisherman.The fish is colloquially known as yellow croaker in southern China, where it is more popular, especially in Chongqing, where the market price is higher than that of ordinary yellow and spicy ding.North fishermen, I don’t know if you have seen this huge yellow spicy ding?I am a fisherman on boulder, take you to see the fun fishing circle, discuss fishing skills, all the observers add attention to their spare time, thank you, also count for my post support

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