On March 24 (0-24:00), there were no new local confirmed cases in Hongkou District, and 29 new asymptomatic cases

On March 24, 2022 (0-24:00), there were no new confirmed local cases in our district, and 29 new asymptomatic local infected persons lived in:Guanglian Xinyuan, Lane 818 Hydropower Road, Lane 1013 Hydropower Road, Lane 786 Kuizhao Road, Lane 399 Zhuzhou Road, Lane 491 Zhanzhan North Road, Lane 510 Wenshui East Road, Lane 160 Guangling Second Road, Lane 186 Guangling Second Road, Lane 366 Guangzhong Road, 228 Xinshi Road, Lane 118 Huayuan Road, No. 148 Guangling Fourth Road, Youyi Second Village, Youyi Third Village,Lane 139, Xiangde Road, Lane 187, Feihong Road, Lane 120, Hydroelectricity Road, Lane 168, Xijiangwan Road.Final disinfection measures have been put in place at the relevant residences.

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