Spring Festival 168 hours, songyang public security in busy what

Number change, nor of the Spring Festival is the day of gathering together and have so a group of people they hold on their post guarding thousands of peace with their own “hard index” to be the “safe” index of jurisdiction “happiness index” of the people in 168 hours, keep him safe at the beginning of New Year work as a record of one bear, explaining the responsibility now,During the Spring Festival, the leaders of the county bureau went to the grass-roots units and densely populated areas to inspect and guide the precise patrol of the holiday security workPatrol and control without stopping, dabbing a touch of Tibetan blue, shuttling through the streets and lanes to measure safety with their feet and convey warmth and protection with their hearts to ensure the personal and property safety of the masses, they shuttled through the dense traffic to ensure the smooth traffic order of the roads under their jurisdiction. They braved the cold, wind and rain and protected safe travel with practical actions to build a solid defense lineWe will not relax our efforts in epidemic prevention and control. They always stick to the front line and stick to their positions. With their responsibilities and responsibilities, they will do a good job in data verification and flow tracing to ensure that the people have a healthy and peaceful Spring FestivalEliminate hidden danger therefore they carried out in-depth industry safety inspection to eliminate safety hidden trouble in the bud of maintaining public security environment to a comprehensive laid a solid foundation for steady they fulfill their duties to enthusiastic service for everyone they busy figure was a good wind “p” during the New Year the Spring Festival I on-the-job during the Spring Festival SongYang auxiliary police public security the masses of people stick to jobs,Fighting and attacking hard they feel the taste of the New Year on duty in the dedication of the harvest happiness to not afraid of hardship, can bear hardships such as the tiger drive successfully completed the Spring Festival security task with their own guard to the masses to send New Year’s gift

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