The best litmus test is whether he does something that he can do to help others without lifting a finger

If a person is born with zero value, this value may change as he or she grows up: if he or she makes a contribution to the world, his or her value is positive;If he does nothing, his value is still zero;If he brings evil and disaster to the world, his value is negative.If your value is positive, you are a useful being to the world.If you are worth nothing, you have no meaning to the world.If your value is negative, you might as well not exist to the world.What you do to fill the space and time between birth and death determines the value of your life.Most of the time, when we can take our time doing what we want to do, tiredness will become gold tied to the feathers of birds.We have so many excuses to stop ourselves from moving forward.Most of the time, when we really want to do something, we have no ability to do it.The best test in the world is whether a man does something that he can do to help someone without lifting a finger.Many times, those who have the ambition to swallow heaven and vomit earth and even vow to benefit living beings are always unwilling to do even small things.Don’t talk, do more practical work.A little practical work is worth more than a thousand words.They gave me a more intuitive experience of life and made a big difference in my world, but now I don’t think about disillusionment or the meaning of being alive, because I have so much to do.The important thing is to do, not to think.My deliberations were finished when I was young, and I would waste the rest of my life if I did them again.I don’t control the world.All my goods are my own.I’m always talking to myself.I didn’t notice if anyone was listening.I say that to those who are listening and those who are not, otherwise I would be speechless.My words are one of my actions.It is part of my destiny, along with all my other actions.

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