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Are you afraid of bMI implementation It is said that the “metasurverse” is a new concept, and as soon as it is proposed, I have read two new books about the metasurverse.Although the concept of “meta-universe” was first proposed in the science fiction “Avalanche” many years ago, the shadow of the meta-universe was described again in the science fiction works such as “Ready Player One”, “Out of Control Player” and “Westworld”, but the technological conditions were not complete at that time, and the advanced imagination made the technological strength failed to keep up.Now we have 5G technology, super cloud computing and brain computer interface, XR technology and artificial intelligence, blockchain and other complete conditions, giving full possibilities to the realization of the “meta-universe”, so that a new system and a new world can emerge.The thing that appeals to me the most is the brain-computer interface. It’s so exciting.AI AI system very cow is known to all, the alpha dog defeated the world chess player, and memory capacity of computer algorithm has refresh our imagination, if really achieve “brain-machine interface”, our brain will be a library in the world, the world all the skills and knowledge, the world is rich in content and pictures, all the knowledge of the master’s wisdom and endless energy,Be ecstatic about how easy it will be to access all of the world’s technology and knowledge with brain-computer interfaces connected to our physical brains.For example, we can enjoy the immersive experience of walking the Streets of Britain, walking in space and reading the library in 10 seconds without leaving the house.I can’t imagine.I want to say THAT I’m scared to think about what will happen if the human brain is connected to a computer.What is the meta-universe?Multi-world, co-existence of virtual reality, sandbox games, infinite creation, digital life, creation system, private key economy, consciousness evolution, high immersion…These new concepts will emerge in this new world.Is an open space, the height of the 3 d simulation of the virtual world, everyone will have to look and virtual digital identity, and digital copy into the virtual 3 d space, to look for physical and digital doppelganger feelings six one, look even physical and digital doppelganger integral highly synchronized.You can perform all kinds of social activities in the virtual world that you can perform in the real world, including socializing, entertaining, going to school, shopping and even buying real estate.In a word, it is the “explosion of the intelligent meta-universe”. All human thoughts and behaviors will be highly connected with the meta-universe system, and human civilization and super intelligence will seamlessly connect. Because of the extensive use of brain-computer interfaces, real humans and computers have no distinction.In other words, people already exist in the world like computers, and have realized the super interconnection like computer networks.What do you choose to do with soul torture?Once we enter that parallel metasverse, employment has moved from the physical world to the digital world.Those recursive improvements, intelligence explosion, individual enhancement, combination of virtual and real, and consciousness preservation all become the transition from physical man to digital man.As a result, human beings have become digital beings, with intense computing, storage, interconnection and sharing, consciousness never dissipating and many other functional metamorphoses.One of the questions raised in The Meta-universe got me thinking.The question is: A: If all your memories were erased and you were given A second chance, would you be willing?B: Would you be willing to destroy your body, but keep all your life memories?Choice A, in fact, you are dead, the memory is gone, you don’t exist at all.As the real world of human death, walked through the bridge to drink a bowl of Meng Po soup, into the rebirth.It’s just that this kind of rebirth provides a button that you can choose to press or not press, as if your destiny is in your own hands, but the result is still a life and death cycle.Choice B is a different kind of death.You still don’t exist, but your memories are stored digitally, as a hard drive in a computer.It does not play a new role, just for extraction and reading, what is the point?VR AR to MR Digital world after the big bang, if the physical people become digital people, perhaps its ultimate meaning is not to have earth-shaking changes, still can not escape the disaster of life and death.After the development of the meta-universe, digital man is divided into two kinds, one is analog signal digital man, that is, the computer through the access of the brain computer interface to attach people into physical data.The neural consciousness of a disembodied human being is left in the computer;The other is the digital man of full consciousness, which is the electronic data with high self-reflection ability. The real world is integrated into the digital world, organically and seamlessly.We can imagine it on a scale.Maybe a lot of people have a VR fantasy, I also played a VR game, after wearing VR into a car or plane, the realistic feeling is really different.For example, when I fly a plane in VR, I completely feel like I am in the clouds, and fear of heights immediately hit me.I didn’t follow through on that game. I stopped it early.The device is a computer, a VR and lots of connections.This brings us to XR: VIRTUAL reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). You can stretch your imagination from the feeling of VR. With more accurate sensors, longer battery life, more complex sensory simulations, more detailed screens and sharper cameras, our experience will be infinitely improved.What I did not imagine is that VR and AR technologies have become wireless helmets, intelligent wearable technology has been released, and the technical conditions are already complete. Holographic nano tactile feedback is no longer a problem, but the market demand has not exploded, or it would have been in front of the general public.In other words, if VR and AR were to become as much a social necessity as buying clothes, these technologies might already be on the streets.Are you still in charge of your metasomes? “Metasomes” also brings a lot of interesting questions: Do you hope to find the ultimate experience in the metasomes and make up for the regret of reality?Or do you want to hide from the giants in the meta-universe?Or an intimate interaction with your idol?Just make yourself a star?…When I think about it, reading “The Meta-universe” during the Spring Festival holiday seems to be the most meaningful thing.It really is a new concept, a new idea and a new future for me.In fact, I think the concept of the meta-universe is too grand, I do not fully understand it, and even have a lot of misunderstanding, but I am a popular science book, it brings the shock of knowledge is very precious!

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