Here are three things you fear most when you’re over 60. Here are three ways to do it

Rural over the age of 60, the most afraid of these three things, is nothing more than, afraid of illness without money to see a doctor, afraid of the old pension problem, afraid of the future children not filial piety, do not believe, most of the rural elderly will consider these things, reasonable, so how to do not afraid of these three things?Don’t worry, there are three easy solutions. What are they?Let’s see. Does that make sense?The first way, taking the advantage of young, knead a little money in hand, the people rich, the in the mind is very, originally many rural old man’s hand is rich, just can’t grasp the method, help children to buy a car to buy a house, in the end, drained the all savings, when no money in the hand to children for money, not so free, all the parents poor heart, young children,Don’t miss the age of struggle, let them have the pressure, to struggle, rather than what parents have to bear, if you are old, children’s ability has not been cultivated, is the old and sad, what do you think?The second way, and their relationship, in a good mood, why?If you are over 60 years old, sometimes also not, don’t compare with others, how great, even when you are young, it is better than others, but this time you should put down, don’t give yourself air, people to Harbin, in a good mood, body good, don’t love sick, for the elderly, to be in a good mood is very important, don’t give yourself,Take care of yourself is the best thing, don’t you think?Third way, and get on well with children, no matter you’re rich or poor, better relations with children at home, pension problems don’t have to worry about, now children, no matter work, farming, or business, and have ability of the elderly, as long as you good relations with them, their children must be very filial piety, now the children with high quality, life level is high also, as long as the attention to detail,Think of your children’s feelings, warm their hearts with your heart, your children can see what you do, even if you are old, they will take good care of you, do you think it is reasonable?To sum up: after the age of 60, the most afraid of these three things, do not believe, there are three ways to solve, do you think the above three ways are reasonable?Deficiencies please give a lot of guidance to supplement, remember to angelica village new nongge comment message attention, thank you!

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