Here, bearing the best memories of Chinese football fans

In mid-December last year, the East Asian Football Confederation announced that the 9th EAST Asian Football Championship and the 8th Women’s East Asian Football Championship would be held in China from July 19 to 27, 2022.However, there was no official announcement of the host city at that time, and other specific information was still pending.In all previous East Asian Cup competitions, China, Japan and South Korea selected cities to host the games in turn.According to the latest news today, the Chinese Football Association has explicitly told the East Asian Football Association (EAFC) that it cannot host the 2022 East Asian Cup due to the impact of the epidemic.Meanwhile, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) said it would assign the U23 team to practice for the Asian Games in September.This is not the first time that the Chinese Football Association (CFA) has sent a non-Chinese men’s senior team to the EAST Asian Cup.The 2019 East Asian Cup Chinese men’s football team is actually the national team led by Li Tie.The real meaning of the Chinese men’s football team was under the command of Lippi, preparing for the world preliminary round 40.One of the reasons why the 2019 National team’s performance at the East Asian Cup has attracted so much attention is that fans are eager to compare them with the national team, and hopefully the two teams can face each other once more.But that didn’t happen. The selection team’s warm-up matches were against 2019 U20, Wuhan Zole and Tianjin Tianhai before they left for the East Asian Cup.With only two training sessions and one win, one draw and one loss in the warm-up matches, China’s national team won the third place in the East Asian Cup, ahead of Japan and South Korea. The result seemed not bad.(China finished third in the 2019 East Asian Cup.) But this was an awkward third-place finish.First of all, there are only four teams in the East Asian Cup, so third place is certainly not a good result.Second, China sent a selection team, but Japan and South Korea did not send a strong national team.Due to the conflict between the East Asian Cup and European competitions, there are not many players playing in European leagues in Japan and Japan. Take The 2019 East Asian Cup for example, all the players in the 22-man squad are from their own leagues, and 12 of them are U22 players.Say this Japanese team is called “three team” also no problem, but its big list of players worth at that time has been twice as much as the National football team, Nakagawa Furen is the Japanese professional federation’s native golden boots……The final match with Japan, the national foot 1-2 defeated opponents.To know China and Japan in the last 12 strong matches in the first round to give the poor state of Japan as a threat, but ultimately two round opponent zero defeat to Japan, then the team’s last victory over Japan so far has been turned out, it was in 1998, the wear of Davis cup (cup) in east Asia in, although fan4 zhi4 yi4 missed a penalty,But li Bing scored twice to give China a 2-0 win over Japan 24 years ago, a victory that has become the last fond memory of Chinese fans in the history of sino-Japanese soccer rivalry.And face the Korea team of same strong, national foot had also played the game that makes a person warm blooded surging in east Asia four strong match!In 2010, Gao Hongbo’s National football Team defeated South Korea 3-0 in the East Asian Cup. At that time, the national football team still had sharp and smooth counter-attacks. At that time, Gao Lin was not “airplane” either, and Deng Zhuoxiang even finished the fast break which only took 15 seconds with two consecutive backward goals, even though the opponent South Korea was not the strongest team.But the 3-0 score how much also proved the ability of the national football team……It can be seen that for the East Asian Cup, no matter the National football team, Japan and South Korea, in fact, more or less have the meaning of training young players in it. The stage of the East Asian Semi-final matches as a testing ground for mentoring, this effect may be much better.Today, it has been pointed out that the U23 national football Team will become the focus of the NATIONAL name of the Football Association, so how to make good use of this stage will also become a key step.For once, the Chinese Football Association’s decision to send the U23 team to the East Asian Cup has finally moved in step with the rest of the teams.In addition, many teams prefer to appoint their coaches early, which helps to build a stable squad. Therefore, the East Asian Cup will be the closest rehearsal for the Asian Games.The current coach of South Korea’S U23 men’s national football team is Hwang Sun-hong, the “most familiar stranger” to Chinese fans.In the 2017 Asian Champions League, he was the head coach of Shanghai Harbour’s group stage opponents FC Seoul.Later, he briefly coached Chinese clubs.At the end of 2018, Huang shanhong took over as the coach of Yanbian Fude, a Chinese First-division football team, on a pre-season training tour in South Korea, only to receive news of the club’s bankruptcy and end his tenure in China without playing a single official game.Last September, the Korea Football Association (KFA) officially announced that Hwang sun-hong had taken over the south Korean UNDER-23 men’s team. He will lead the team at this year’s Asian Under-23 Cup and Hangzhou Asian Games, with the goal of qualifying for the Paris Olympics.The Korean Football Association has given Hwang a contract until the end of 2024, with a “mid-term review” that will determine whether he will lead the U23 team at the Asian Games.In the eyes of the Korean Football Association, the Asian Under-23 Cup, the Asian Games and the Olympic Games are all integrated. The Olympic Games is the ultimate goal, while the other games are a platform to test Hwang.For Jelena Jankovic, head coach of China’S U23 men’s football team, the East Asian Cup is an inspection and the Asian Games is the ultimate goal.Just by sending THE U23s to the East Asian Cup, we caught up with the pace of the top Asian teams, but from the perspective of the overall consideration of international competition, our consciousness is still separated by each match.For the U23 men’s team, the East Asian Cup is another opportunity to participate in an international tournament between the Dubai Cup and the Asian Games, but for the U23 women’s team, the decision is a bit of a surprise.In 2019 east Asian Cup, Jia Xiuquan led the Chinese women’s football team to the battle. Wang Shuang, Li Ying and Tang Jiali were all in the row, and finally won the third place.If the U23 team is given the same qualification this time, it is likely to be selected at the elite U23 women’s training camp, which ended last month.In this group of players participating in the training camp, the RURAL Commercial Bank of Shanghai women’s football team occupies 3 seats, respectively are Yang Qian, Wang Linlin and Fang Jie, the coaching team includes Meng Jun, Wang Hongliang, Zhang Na, Zang Haili, Zhu Jianmin, Yin Xiaofeng, Yang Tao and others.At the end of the training camp, the U23 elite training camp coaches Wang Hongliang, Meng Jun said an inspiring word in an interview — believe that this group of players in the future will appear as good as Gu Ailing.After deciding to send U23 teams to participate in the East Asian Cup, U23 men’s football team can continue to adjust on the basis of the existing squad, combined with the problems exposed in dubai Cup, but this decision is relatively sudden for U23 women’s football team, east Asia Cup will become the first venue to test the results of U23 women’s elite training camp.The immediate task is to consider how to balance league and training with the players, who are scheduled to go overseas in mid-July.Original title: “Here, bearing the best memories of National football fans……”

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