Langfang: Fire and rescue teams at all levels have completed 366 eradication operations, covering an area of 5.861,400 square meters

Held on March 28, a reporter from the city field COVID 17-19 news conference that the epidemic prevention and control work, after this round of epidemic situation occurs, the city’s fire rescue teams at all levels in good fire fighting and rescue and fire prevention and control, such as the labor task, on the basis of fully exerting the function of emergency rescue team and the main force, the initiative as a well-documented, actively,We will integrate professional advantages in personnel, vehicles and equipment to undertake epidemic prevention and elimination tasks in key areas.As of 18 o ‘clock on March 27, the professional elimination team has completed the elimination of 366 times, 527 vehicles on duty, 2,473 people, elimination area of 5,861,400 square meters.According to reports, since March 11, the city’s fire detachment selected 30 business backbone to form a professional elimination team, the implementation of closed loop management in the fixed camp area, responsible for the epidemic prevention and elimination work of Anchi District, Guangyang District, Langfang development zone.Priority should be given to medium and high risk areas such as Geyu City and Donggu Port of Anchi District, patient activity places in makeshift hospitals, isolation points, streets and towns, schools and hospitals in the main urban areas.In addition, relying on fire and rescue stations from all over the city, the city has set up 18 anti-epidemic response teams to coordinate the work related to the epidemic within its jurisdiction based on actual needs.In order to ensure fire safety, two fire prevention supervisors and four fire-fighting and rescue workers were assigned to the designated hospital on March 13. They were on 24-hour duty, mainly responsible for fire inspection, education and training, and initial fire control in the hospital.At the same time, according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control in some regions, 27 fire and rescue workers were sent to take charge of on-the-spot preparations at relevant quarantine points to ensure that the danger was contained at the initial stage.To support the construction of makeshift hospital, on March 20, the detachment received the instruction to support the construction of the international convention and Exhibition Center makeshift hospital B area, the emergency transfer of the neighboring development zone, university town fire rescue brigade, a total of 40 fire rescue personnel, to support the construction of makeshift hospital.The main work is to assemble and carry beds, put mattresses, bedside tables and other daily necessities according to the pre-designated area.After 36 hours of hard work, the construction of 1,459 beds and related supporting materials was successfully completed, ensuring that the makeshift hospital was put into use as soon as possible.To implement fire prevention and control in key places, provide one-to-one fire safety technical services for designated hospitals, isolation points, production, storage and transportation enterprises of epidemic-related materials and other important places by combining offline inspection and online guidance, and set up 21 wechat groups for fire safety managers of epidemic-related places.Push 1,016 fire safety self-check points, daily fire safety precautions and common sense of fire evacuation and escape, and guide the rectification of 314 fire hazards.Team has issued the concentrated fire safety isolation points to is “and” temporary rebuilding square hospital fire safety requirements “, “peer-to-peer” helping rebuild square hospitals and large new isolation point to carry out fire control safety measures and conduct on-site guidance 21 times, standardize the evacuation passageway and safety exit and fire control facilities and devices such as set up in 125, to ensure that all kinds of stakeholders plague places on fire control safety.(Reporter Yan Li, Editor Wang Jing)

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