Precise supervision of Eradicating “Unhealthy wind on wheels” in Anhui

A few days ago, the reporter came to the provincial Government Offices Administration, in the provincial official vehicles supervision and management platform, data update in real time, each unit to keep the official vehicle model, license plate clearly marked, each car track at a glance…”Through the platform, we can capture the track of every bus from provincial organs to county and township governments at any time, the reason of departure, but also grasp the monthly fuel consumption of different vehicles, maintenance, violation times and other data, and all-round comparative analysis.”Province tube bureau relevant person in charge said.”The management of official vehicles is an important field of the party and government organs’ self-construction and internal governance, which is not only related to the performance of the responsibilities of the organs, but also related to the party and government style, and the image of the Party and government in the eyes of the people.”Related person in charge of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision said that the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision together with the provincial administration bureau to establish a collaborative linkage sharing mechanism based on the provincial official vehicle management information platform data, strengthen the management and supervision of official vehicles, effectively promote the construction of party conduct and clean government and conservation-oriented organs.Tighten the “data cage” of the supervision of official vehicles through information means.Relying on the “one network in the province” bus management system, the provincial administration bureau has opened up third-party data interfaces such as leasing, refueling, insurance, maintenance and ETC.All appointed leasing service companies purchased through bidding will be brought into the unified supervision of the platform, the platform data of appointed leasing companies will be checked every quarter, the social leasing service satisfaction survey will be organized every six months, and the verification and survey results will be included in the annual assessment.Connect with provincial high-speed networking operation company, realize real-time transmission of ETC data of provincial units, and regularly carry out joint screening of trips without tasks during holidays.All the vehicle maintenance has been integrated into the centralized management of the platform, and the whole process of online supervision has been accurate to every vehicle.Develop the bus refueling abnormal early warning system, by comparing the refueling time, refueling location, fuel consumption data and other logical relations, identify the risk points of clean government.Since last year, the provincial commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision discovered and investigated 18 cases of private use of official vehicles and public ownership through “big data”.We will plug regulatory loopholes with institutions.Anhui Province issued The Implementation Measures for The Administration of Official Vehicles by Party and Government Organs, which clarified the responsibilities of the responsible departments of official vehicles and discipline inspection and supervision departments, emphasized the management of the whole life cycle of official vehicles, and straightened out the management system and working mechanism of official vehicles.Formulated 4 local standards of Anhui Province, including The Interface Specification for The Management Information Platform of Official Vehicles for Party and Government Organs, and issued more than 10 management systems, including the Measures for The Management and Use of Official Vehicles for Provincial Organs, to establish a “1+X” system for the whole life cycle management of official vehicles.The requirements for the compilation and approval of official vehicles, updating and equipping, adjusting and using, fixed-point maintenance, fixed-point refueling, statistical reports and other aspects should be refined to ensure that there are rules and regulations to follow in the management of official vehicles.In addition, around the vehicle positioning terminal installation, the utilization rates of the platform, through the platform using the content of the maintenance, our province has established contact made authority official car service system, introduced the use and management of official cars evaluation in anhui province was made organs of detailed rules, not through the platform of existing maintenance, no orders for business travel and official cars should hold positioning terminal unit,Targeted tracking and reminders, through active services to improve the level of official vehicle management of provincial organs, eliminate irregularities in the bud, and continue to promote the institutionalization of services.The reporter Li hao

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