A photo wall that “nobody knows”…

Do you recognize them?This is an “unknown” photo wall. Few people can recognize their faces. Some are grill employees, some are auxiliary police officers, some are scrap yard buyers, some are veterinary workers, some are individual dentists…Just like every ordinary person without legend, without halo, struggling for their own little life in daily necessities, until one day, facing the critical moment, one lunge, one pull, one lift, I found that ordinary life could burst out such a powerful force — in the face of the piercing lake,He chose to lift to pull the serious with life, according to the card before is a deputy to the National People’s Congress of xinjiang tashikuergan tajik autonomous county township mention transcribing it just mention kyrgyz village edge member that just on January 4, 2021, in xinjiang kashgar university campus a child accidentally fell down by the side of the new spring lake was studying at the university of kashgar, pull the serious accident and roommate quickly ran to the ice they both fell into a thorn in the process of rescueThe ice on the bones, but Lazzini’s hands kept lifting the baby across the ice until the boy and his roommate were rescued, but the rescue team found Lazzini Bayica at the bottom of the lake, already cold, holding on to his life. He lives forever. 41-year-old Lazzini, a military veteran,Is people’s congress he is “not in uniform” border “warrior” the tajik man shy smile come the let people remember the face of the train, but he rushed forward Li Xuesheng living department of zhejiang wenzhou lucheng gold good shoe factory workers on February 20, 2005 in the evening the jinwen railway wenzhou huanglong period of horse pit tunnel crossing two children are playing crossing track at this time,With a shrill whistle scream a train roared to track the two children are scared of at a loss at this critical moment passing Li Xuesheng fly run up in to rescue a child but Li Xuesheng after being struck by a speeding train flew down beside the track was only 37 years old laid down his precious life in the face of wet long beach,He chose to push children to shore Shen Xing living noncommissioned officers of the second artillery engineering university vocational and technical college of education, deputy battalion commander Shen Xing staff on May 13, 2012 morning and his wife with a 3 year old daughter walking past downtown weifang in shandong qingzhou nanyang river happened to meet a junior high school students falling overboard Shen Xing not hesitate to jump into the water to rescue he repeatedly pushed to shore drowning in the water for studentsHowever, the embankment was wet and slippery for several times, but it was not successful until a citizen rushed to pull the child out. At this time, Shen Xing, who was only 31 years old, had exhausted his strength and swallowed several mouthdrops before sinking into the water.He was the first to jump into the river on the Wang Hongxu living of dadukou district chongqing yucai elementary school physical education teachers in June 1, 2021 in the evening the two children in dadukou district rounds wharf river heard mother calling for help Wang Hongxu, accidentally falls into a Xu Linsheng at fastest speed run to the river Wang Hongxu first jumped into the river without hesitation Xu Linsheng followed by two people in the river to rescueTwo children fell into the water, but in the end,Wang Hongxu was unable to swim to the shore because of physical exhaustion was swallowed by the river disappeared in the river in the world of heroes are ordinary people but they in the moment of danger let everyone from the bottom of the heart burst of righteousness become warm our way forward scenery qingming Festival martyrs let us pay tribute to the memory on the InternetThe flowers laid by The central Political and Legal Commission of the CPC Central Committee to commemorate the heroic heroes have been highly committed to the crime of committing crimes

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