Drainage method of artificial lawn

There is no doubt that artificial turf fields need to be drained, so the problem arises.How should artificial turf be drained?What is relatively suitable for artificial lawn drainage?1. The basic drainage method is a relatively recommended method on the market, which has high requirements for construction technology.The operation method suggests that the slope of the whole site should be about 0.3%, which can not only ensure drainage, but also maintain the original nutrients of the base soil.2. Surface drainage method this method is widely used, surface drainage construction technology also has certain requirements, so it is necessary to plan the slope of the site before construction.Of course, high in the middle and low on the four sides are more conducive to surface drainage.3. Forced drainage means that it is necessary to bury a filter pipe in the base of the artificial lawn, so that more water can be discharged quickly in rainy days, because it is a good choice to play in rainy days.To sum up, there are three types of grassroots: superficial and mandatory.Whether the effect is good or not depends half on the skill of the construction personnel.The ideal drainage effect can be achieved only when the material technology is combined in place.

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