Liaoning province: Conserve the source of fresh water to strengthen people’s livelihood

Reporter Xu Tieying “This is the cloud exhibition hall of Neusoft Medical, if you work in Neusoft, you can really feel the charm of this room…”A live broadcast team from the Rongmedia Studio of the provincial Employment and Human Resources Service Center came to Neusoft Medical Co., Ltd. for a live broadcast. 14,000 netizens walked into the company through the lens and chose their favorite positions.Live post, entrepreneurship micro class, career guidance, skills training…Around the promotion of employment, stable employment, various measures in our province, highlights frequently.Employment is of Paramount importance to people’s wellbeing. It has a direct bearing on both development and people’s wellbeing.In 2021, the province will continue to implement the employment first policy, increase the supply of employment policies at all levels, intensify the implementation of various measures to stabilize employment and promote employment, accelerate the improvement of workers’ professional skills, strengthen all-round public employment and entrepreneurship services, and promote more full and high-quality employment.Employment is not only a barometer of economic and social development, but also an anchor for revitalizing development.By the end of December 2021, 484,000 new urban jobs had been created, 115.3 percent of the annual plan.The registered urban unemployment rate was 4.33 percent, 0.17 percentage points lower than the annual target.The combination of good policies will stimulate a pool of spring water and ensure stable employment. This will give us a strong impetus to move forward and make our development more leisurely.Where will the jobs come from?Save more source water, can activate a pool of spring water.To foster a good employment ecology, our province starts from optimizing and improving employment policies, aims at the employment goals and constantly enriches the policy toolbox, so as to stimulate the vitality of the employment market with the precision and power of policies.We will implement the policy of reducing burden, stabilizing employment, and increasing employment, so that enterprises can “ease their burden” and become more employable.In 2021, The province reduced unemployment insurance premiums by 1.2 billion yuan for enterprises, returned 1.52 billion yuan of unemployment insurance stabilization funds for 116,000 enterprises, and stabilized 3.028 million jobs.A total of 1.697 million people received subsidized training, and 2.22 billion yuan was paid in subsidies, of which 1.31 billion yuan was given as a subsidy to provide training on behalf of workers, creating 1.105 million new jobs and providing stable jobs.The frequent introduction of enterprise-assistance policies has ensured multiple channels, forms and support for the job market, which is directly reflected in the “sense of ease” of job hunting.By the end of December 2021, employers in the province had recruited 2.126 million people and registered 1.413 million job-seekers, with a “job-seeking ratio” of 1.50. That is to say, for every job seeker, there are 1.5 vacant positions on average.To stabilize the stock, we need to expand the increment.Our province has launched a number of favorable policies around new industries and new forms of business to promote the vigorous development of new industries and new forms of business, so that new space “grows” and new jobs “emerge”.”With business expansion and technology iteration, we plan to recruit new talents for uav navigation and control engineers this year.”At the beginning of the New Year, Chen Mingfei, deputy general manager of Shangliang Zhongyi (Shenyang) High-tech Co., LTD., has a new plan for his position allocation.As an emerging enterprise of uav industry in Our province, Shangliang Zhongyi (Shenyang) High-tech Co., Ltd. has developed more than 40 positions only around UAV research and development since its establishment two years ago, driving upstream and downstream enterprises to jointly enter the “blue sea” of employment.By the end of 2021, 795,000 new urban jobs had been created in the province, among which 707,000 had been employed in units, 495,000 had been employed in the tertiary industry concentrated in new industries and new forms of business, accounting for 70 percent of the total.At the end of 2021, the provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and other eight departments gave year-end gifts to employees in new forms of employment, issued documents around safeguarding the labor rights and interests of workers in new forms of employment, and supported and standardized the benign growth of new forms of employment through policies, so as to boost the reservoir of employment and store more power.Ensuring top priorities is the foundation and ensuring the bottom line of people’s wellbeing.Ensuring employment for key employment groups, such as college graduates, rural migrant workers and those in need, is the top priority in ensuring people’s wellbeing.The number of college graduates in 2021 has reached 296,700, and 300,000 jobs suitable for college graduates have been actively developed across the province, and 5,783 job fairs have been held to promote the accurate matching of people and posts.By the end of December 2021, about 279,400 college graduates in The province have found employment, and the actual destination rate of graduation is 94.17%.In the class of 2021, among the 2,771 college graduates from poverty-stricken or marginalized families, the remaining 2,685 graduates have been employed, excluding 86 who are temporarily unemployed voluntarily. The employment rate of graduates who are willing to work is 100%.The precise matching of people and posts should not only meet the needs of posts, but also highlight the value of talents.In order to enhance the “precision” of matching, our province actively carries out multiple types of training, such as enterprise staff post skill upgrading training, key employment groups free employment skill training, college graduates professional conversion and skill upgrading training, to “intensity” vocational skill training.”When you scan your phone, you can not only get a voucher to participate in skill training, but also enjoy training subsidies. It is really fast and convenient.”Yuan Yue, a citizen of Fuxin City, applied for the first vocational training voucher issued by our province through her mobile phone, which was used to participate in the special ability training of maternal and infant care, in order to improve her professional ability.This year, our province will take part in government subsidized vocational skills training for all personnel vocational training stamps, collects the skills training, vocational qualification certificate information, skill level, gradually accumulated to form lifelong vocational skills training of electronic archives workers, from “training for” to “training”, promotion and training adaptation degree.Employment guidance, skills training, recommend jobs, out put, tracking service, our province has to build up the provincial, city and county, the streets (township), community (village) of five public employment services network, formed from mount guard before mount guard after the whole service chain, make sure there post employment demand focus groups can, can have.At the same time, we have helped people who have difficulty finding jobs through social policies and other channels, established an employment assistance system and implemented supportive measures to ensure people’s wellbeing.The 2021 provincial Government work report made the promise of “helping more than 60,000 people with employment difficulties find employment”, which has been fully fulfilled so far.We helped 83,000 people with difficulty in finding jobs and 508,000 unemployed people find jobs, 1.133 million rural workers find new jobs, 3,866 people who have been lifted out of poverty enjoy employment assistance policies, and dynamically eliminated the number of zero-employment households.

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