More than 48 million children in kindergartens have been evaluated and it is forbidden to directly measure their abilities

■ According to the Beijing Evening News, the Ministry of Education recently released the “Kindergarten nursery education Quality Assessment Guide”, around 15 key indicators and 48 key points to evaluate the quality of kindergarten nursery education, improve the level of kindergarten management and the quality of education.According to statistics, in 2020, the number of children in kindergartens for three years in China is 48.183 million.Everywhere in the wang quality assessment in various forms, but for a long time, there is still a “heavy light process” results “heavy hardware light connotation” tendencies, such as conservation of the evaluation guide is focused on the kindergarten education process and the key elements affecting the quality of conservation education, around the direction of kindergarten, conservation and security establishment, teacher team, education process, environment five aspects proposed the “test”.In terms of care and safety, the Assessment Guide puts forward 3 key indicators and 11 key points around “health care, living care and safety protection” to promote kindergartens to strengthen dietary nutrition, disease prevention, health examination and other work, and strengthen the staffing of medical and health care personnel to ensure children’s life safety and physical and mental health.In terms of environment creation, 2 key indicators and 4 key points are proposed around “space facilities and toy materials”, and it is clear that kindergartens should be equipped with sufficient quantity and variety of playing AIDS and picture books, so as to promote kindergartens to create a rich, appropriate, playful and supportive educational environment for children’s learning and exploration.In the aspect of teachers’ team, around the “ethics strengthen, staffing, professional development, and incentive mechanism” puts forward four key indicators and 9 test points, to promote the kindergarten to strengthen teachers’ work ethics, pay attention to teachers’ professional capacity building, improve the director professional leadership, take effective measures to motivate teachers to wuxi, with great concentration and educating.The Ministry of Education has made it clear that it is strictly forbidden to evaluate the quality of kindergarten education by directly measuring children’s ability and development level.Kindergartens do not teach elementary school curriculum content in advance and do not have unrealistic specialty courses.Formulate and implement a physical exercise plan suitable for children’s physical development, and ensure that the time for outdoor activities is not less than 2 hours and the time for physical activities is not less than 1 hour every day.According to the Assessment Guide, kindergartens should be encouraged to take games as basic activities, understand and respect children and support their meaningful learning, promote effective interaction between teachers and children, build a home co-education mechanism, and promote children’s overall physical and mental development.Kindergartens should carry out self-assessment every semester, and the education department should strengthen the guidance of nursery education and self-assessment in kindergartens.Based on the number of kindergartens and work needs, the county-level supervision evaluation should be conducted every three to five years in principle to ensure that all kindergartens are covered within each period.Provinces and municipalities shall carry out appropriate spot checks based on their actual conditions, and the specific proportion of spot checks shall be determined by the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) themselves.The evaluation results of kindergarten nursery education quality will serve as an important basis for kindergarten commendation and reward, policy support, resource allocation, principal assessment, annual inspection of private parks, recognition and support of inclusive private parks and other aspects.Local kindergartens that do not perform their duties properly, violate relevant policies and regulations, violate the law of children’s physical and mental development, and continuously decline in the quality of education and care should be urged to make rectification in a timely manner, and be held accountable according to laws and regulations as the case may be.

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