New Trumpchi M6 PRO Sharpening design safety technology

New “Lingyunyi 3.0″ family mask, the appearance of the atmosphere make public the potential of lingyunyi.”Sea I dolphin leaping” type light and shadow sculpture waist line design, clever and delicate, without losing the style of cutting-edge;Intelligent interactive central console, double big 12.3, high resolution horizontal integration large screen, create intelligent and humanized driving fun.More ergonomic comfortable leather seats, 4-level adjustable armrest, configuration of sleep type headrest, the pursuit of details, only to enjoy every journey.1837mm horizontal super wide layout, more than enough space.1100L large magic luggage space, flexible adjustment of the three-row seats to flip under the floor, easily accommodate 14 20-inch trolley suitcases, strength “big” can be.Feng Rui design, safety technology!Trumpchi’s third-generation 270T high-performance engine is equipped with Longpan Cup transmission 7WDCT, with a maximum power of 124Kw and a maximum torque of 265N.m. The fuel consumption of 100km is as low as 7.5L, and powerful power enables you to travel easily.Buy trumpchi, find a discount, to the airport!Guangzhou Trumpchi Airport jinguang store, the national quality sales store, car source guarantee, good faith, better service!Has been to customer satisfaction for the purpose of the intention to treat every batch of car owners.With the most affordable price to return the trust of every car owner, buy Trumpchi look forward to the big family of Airport, Tianjin and Guangzhou!Tianjin Airport Jinguang shop to help you easily start gaC Trumpchi car, details consultation: 022-58097000!Address: Zeng1, No. 8, Huanhe West Road, Airport Economic Zone, Tianjin (behind the former Che Wang Used Car

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