Perfect companion: Sun Lei regrets divorce, ability is insufficient debt ten million, kneel beg Chen Shan to help fill hole

The perfect partner is in popular, Chen Shan kindly let Lin Qingkun was seriously ill, it is an easy thing, but in the sun seems to change the taste, he feels Chen Shan and between Lin Qingkun fishy, so naturally when see them together with tinted glasses, lest Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun before jumping to do inappropriate behavior.Regardless what Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun relations, sun before such bad thought there should be no, vowing to wu min said, he believes Chen Shan, believe Chen Shan, absolutely not to trespass, but now divorce, sun was not confident Chen Shan, lest Chen Shan take up just because you found a new love.I mean, doesn’t sun Lei know when he can clear his head and what kind of person Chen Shan is?Calculate have new amour, affirmation can tell Sun Lei, she even divorce not plan to hide jump, still have what bad say face to face, instead be Sun Lei spends the abdomen of gentleman all day with the heart of villain.In front of Chen Shan, Sun Lei never won, and this time was no exception. No matter how long they argued, sun Lei finally compromised. After learning that Lin Qingkun was not feeling well, Sun Lei lost his arrogance and took the responsibility to take care of Lin qingkun.Sun Lei also went to tell Lin Qingkun and told him a lot of wu Min’s hard work, he really hope Lin Qingkun can take good to Wu Min.It’s just that this scene is a little too disobedient, anyway, the emotional entanglements between these four people have been inexplicable, in addition to accept there is no other way.Some netizens said the plot, sun less than debt must regret divorce ability, Chen Shan genuflect is begged help fill holes, sun is now in the company work, wu wu sorrow had said before, cells that have to character is not suitable for her, now also really proved wu sorrow, have such a husband, I don’t know what is fortune or misfortune.If you have any unique insights, please leave a comment in the comments section. Xiaobian will talk about analysis with you!This article is the author’s original, unauthorized plagiarism is strictly prohibited, offenders will investigate!

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