Qianshan continues to increase agricultural input

Since last year, Qianshan city has improved the mechanism for ensuring investment in priority agricultural and rural development, and made every effort to maintain sustained and steady growth of investment in rural revitalization.The city strictly implemented the work requirements of “four not to be taken off”, kept the overall stable financial investment level at the same level during the transition period, raised 460 million yuan to implement the rural revitalization strategy, and released 130 million yuan of microcredit and 75.58 million yuan of agricultural loan for the poverty-stricken population to consolidate and improve the achievements of poverty alleviation.We will implement the government procurement policy to support poor areas, and guide budget units to purchase agricultural and sideline products through the poverty alleviation platform 832.We will give full support to prioritizing the development of agriculture and rural areas.Resolutely shouldering the task of ensuring food security, the city allocated 89.8 million yuan to support “grain storage in land and grain storage in technology”, timely paid one-time subsidies to grain farmers and rice subsidies, and trained 1,050 new professional farmers.125 million yuan will be invested to build 40,000 mu of high-standard farmland.(Source: Anhui Daily Rural Edition by Cheng Yuanfa and Zhu Lipu)

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