Reversed?Hybe responds to LE SSERAFIM’s bullying: She is the victim

Kim Ga-ram, a member of LE SSERAFIM, the first girl group of Hybe that is about to debut, refuted the suspicion of “school bullying,” but the crisis is still not resolved as Revelations and evidence continue to be revealed on the Internet.According to The Korean media, some Internet users, who are presumed to be Kim Ga-lan, a member of the upcoming Hybe girl group LE SSERAFIM, have posted photos and conversations of Kim during her middle and high school years as evidence of bullying.Netizens who saw the photos questioned Hybe’s claim that Kim was the victim of bullying.In the “old photos,” Which were released to the public, Kim made explicit acts with her fingers as a student and posed with her friends in front of a blackboard covered with sexual graffiti.She also stirred controversy when she wrote “disabled” on her selfie.Some netizens who did not want to be identified claimed that they were Kim’s classmates and said that they were victimized by Kim’s online harassment and verbal violence.But that’s another debate.On May 6, Hybe Entertainment, the company that Kim works for, released an official position to refute the controversy over school bullying.”We believe that there are many malicious attempts to smear upcoming artists, and we will take legal action against one-sided and distorted claims related to this case and the spreading of false facts,” Hybe said at the time, adding that he would take legal action against Hybe.(South Korea) the network for Jin Jia LAN’s “accusations” are still continuing, and the truth in the end, please continue to pay attention to the Korean Entertainment circle.On the other hand, HDM did not know that Hybe’s new girl group LE SSERAFIM, which Kim belongs to, will debut in May, and the fourth member, Kim Chae-won, has been announced.

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