Super model night “shout” ah Lian, fan: you think guangdong is not hard enough now?

“Don’t sleep” has become one of the most “hot” words in Chinese basketball circles these two days.This is what a female model named Zhong Luchun posted on her social media in the early morning of January 30.It looked “unremarkable,” but he preceded the paragraph with an @yi.All of a sudden, the fans can not sit.They went down to the comments section to ask questions.But the “party” actually played “hide and seek”, a pair of “pretentious” and “look around him” “ambiguous” style, which everyone’s interest is greater.After all, the psychology of the “network” is that the less you know, the more you want to know.It seems the model got a bit carried away as the issue became more and more intense, and deleted the clip from her social media account, before Posting again saying she had had too much to drink.Net friends shout: now all so play?Then came the “gourd-eating crowd”, which began to “dig up” some of the past events between Chung and YI, and this “involved” yi’s former Teammates in Guangdong, then moved to Shanghai and now a defender in Beijing.I always lack of curiosity and interest for these “gossip”, because even if these “material” has a certain credibility, but, after all, are the feelings of the other people’s private affairs, and we these “bystander” what relationship?Love is hard to say clearly “right and wrong”, it’s hard to say clearly what is “which” right and wrong, after all we are young, including all the fans friends and friends also have experienced some emotional ups and downs, and players are human beings, there are these also is very normal, but because in a way, they are “public figures”,So everyone’s “curiosity” will be so strong.But, as a fan, I want to talk about it from several aspects of basketball.First of all, why did you delete it?As for the story behind this paragraph, I do not understand, nor do I want to understand, but WHAT I do understand is that since I have already sent it, why should I delete it?If yi is really did what is not “right” thing, you want to use the network and the power of the Internet to get a “fair” to himself, it should be like over the years a lot of “entertainment star” wife, girlfriend, or “former” and so on these relationships of girl, bold and “detail” to get things back and forth many of them are “released” out on,As long as you are really the one who has suffered serious “hurt” feelings, you are not afraid that your “grievance” will not be “sympathized”, let alone that your “rights and interests” will not be “protected”. Various “cases” over the years have fully proved this point.What’s more, yi is not an absolute “big shot”, nor an advantage compared with those “entertainment stars”.Moreover, even if it is, morality and law do not “favor” anyone.So, “Zhong Mingmu” and what good “fear”?But, then again, if all this is “false”, this text is “nonsense” after you “drunk”, or do you want to go to the past, so, and then alcohol “paralysis”, to “unilateral” yi “disturb”, I think, you should say sorry to yi,And the broad masses of fans and friends to explain this thing, or that sentence, everyone is a “public figure”, it has caused a lot of “response”, said what all have, including some with “malicious speculation,” yi, after all, already married and have children, if it continues to “fermentation” for his family is also an “unfriendly”.So, or hope that “zhong Mingmu” understand some “right and wrong concept”, rather than a “drink too much” on the delusion to “send” everything.Moreover, Guangdong men’s basketball team is now “troubled autumn”, really do not come to “make trouble”.Throughout the second phase of the regular season, Guangdong has been playing very “struggling”, especially in the face of the current league “top four” can be said to be difficult to win.To know that these may be guangdong to the playoffs direct “competitors”, but, Guangdong to hand over the “answer” is indeed so “failing”.And don’t say that regular season results don’t matter, it’s the playoffs that matter.It is clear that Guangdong did not lose to any of the “top four” teams in the second stage, but ended up losing to any of the “top four” teams.Isn’t that enough?Even frankly: Guangdong’s current strength has really fallen out of the “first echelon”.As for the reasons.First team of “aging”, it includes yi, after all age in where, for many years in the league and national team “played model”, for the body of the consumption is too big, coupled with a hamstring injury last season, you can imagine, this “destroyed” is made of steel body also don’t stay up.Another is weems, he came to the team is the second stage, a few dozen bad at the beginning, everybody thought he was “consistent”, form has not been restored, but, only to find nothing behind, is weems “old”, and indeed, born in 86 he now has close to 36 years old, in the “sports”,He is a veteran in every sense of the word.Another is Vince, clearly feel weeks team this season on both ends is not so “easy”, over the last few seasons at the end of the day or the body “degradation”, and the heart is unable to do, many games are played a moment go down to rest for a while, come up after just can have certain “improvement”, but compared with weems and yi,Zhou’s team hasn’t aged that much, so he can still play well at times, but how many years can zhou last at this rate?These are the three “old” ones.The rest are “small” : Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie, Du Runwang and Wang Xinkai.Some left the area injured to recover, some endured a cold and fever to insist on the game, and some were extremely unstable by the coach on the bench.So calculate down, the whole team is really in “full state” only ren Junfei a.However, the two fly is a “strategy” based, not to score for the “characteristics” of the player.Such a player needs to be “carried” by, or “carried” by, his teammates, and in short, not a star player in the true “sense” of the word.So, Guangdong is really “too difficult” now.Now very not easy, boil to the end of the second stage of the game, we can use this period of “precious” rest time to carry out a “recuperation” of the whole team, but, this time “zhong Supermodel” again so, really a little “breathing room” do not want to leave guangdong.Anyway, if this is really just a pure “porcelain touch”, then as a Chinese basketball fan is really unbearable, let our athletes put all their energy on the “court” is not good?Isn’t it good for our fans to focus all their attention on the “arena”?Let basketball just be basketball, really, thanks…

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