The 11th Line project of The Construction Putian Highway Union carried out the activity of “Love is the first line, Warmth is the same” during the Spring Festival

Putian, January 31 (Correspondent Li Tingwen/photo) On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the 11th Line project headquarters of China Construction Putian Highway Union implemented the requirements of “I do practical things for the masses”. In the afternoon of January 30, they organized the “Love is the first line, warm fellow” Spring Festival warmth sending activity.Send New Year’s greetings and holiday gifts to the front-line staff who stick to their construction posts.Event in sympathy, the relevant person in charge of the project headquarters to A5 standard construction site, to fight on the eve of the Spring Festival is still a glimmer of project staff and workers of high respect and regards, thanks to their hard work to complete the construction task goals, encouraging them to continue to carry forward indomitable, the spirit of arduous struggle, coagulation hearts meet force and keep energetic, struggling to sprint,Fulfill the project on time and in good quality.Later, the relevant person in charge of the project headquarters distributed the condolence items to the front-line staff and workers, and told them to promote the project in addition to the quality and quantity of the project period, but also to do a good job in production safety, fire safety and epidemic prevention and control and other security work, healthy and safe Spring Festival!The Flavor of the New Year is also thick.This visit brings warm winter and festival blessings to the project staff and workers.All of them said that they would overcome difficulties, stick to the project line, stick to the construction position, and make every effort to promote the construction of the putian Highway Union’s eleventh line project.

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