The Emperor is short of battle, the Zhuang God 16+23+5!New Jersey 33+8 76ers edge Memphis in overtime for fifth straight win!

The Philadelphia 76 ers in the backcourt core simmons season didn’t want to play a game for the team, still under the great boon than Germany, played a very good overall performance, after with a wave of victories, they have climbed to the third position in the league, but poor and behind the team wins is not much, if you want to keep the east in the first four,In order to get home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs, the 76ers will have to play well in the following games.Encountered during the regular season, the 76 ers grizzlies momentum of the new season is very fierce, the latter is ranked third in the western table, but in dialogue among the field strength is strong, the 76 ers were rested inside core than Germany, causes the team fighting capacity fell, but after the game start, the home of the 76 ers played well,Most leading to 17 points, but the attribute of rivers is the king of the reverse appeared again, details the grizzlies tenacious to equalise the game into overtime, overtime of war, 76 ers YueZhanYueYong in his home crowd, in the case of start behind launched a counter-attack, eventually to beat the grizzlies 122-119 reverse, had five wins in a row!As active east first center than Germany, is the absolute core 76 ers the offensive end, he is not only one of the most trusted offensive endpoints, is also an integral part of the overall team launch point, in the case of he couldn’t come, 76 ers of perimeter shooters are hard to get good shots,Draymond had 16 points, 23 rebounds, five assists, two steals and three blocks, but his inability to squeeze the defense was the main reason Cescuri missed 1 of 8 3-point attempts.In such cases, Harris and excellent play maxi, let the 76 ers are hard to keep the victory, holding a maximum of Harris, keeping the 25 shots hit 12 goals, scored 31 points, five rebounds and five assists, and 13 of maxi is 23 shots, soaring under the 33 points and 3 rebounds, eight assists, steals, and four blocks of a comprehensive personal data.Lead to the grizzlies lost, the poor shooting as well as the main reason is their 3-pointers, the match 30 shots hit 6 ball, shooting only 20%, the only sign of normal is shooting guard bain, three points one 9 shots hit five goals scored 34 points, while the other grizzlies players sell a total of 21 times but only 1 hit the ball,Morante was 0-for-5 from 3-point range, but he did a good job in the paint, finishing with 37 points, five rebounds and five assists on 15-for-25 shooting, but also committing nine turnovers, a major factor in the loss.One of the biggest gains for the 76ers this season is the rapid development of Maxi, who has made fans more supportive of the trade for Ben Simmons, believing that the team will have a significant increase in competitiveness and fighting ability by trading Simmons for a new player.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the blossom on sports

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