The experience handed down from our ancestors, husband and wife belong to the same family, is it good?

In our traditional culture, zodiac culture plays a very important role in folk culture.The culture of the zodiac has had a great influence on the production and life of the ancestors for thousands of years, and its status in the folk is also deeply rooted.Chinese people may not know the zodiac, but they can not help knowing the Chinese zodiac.Since ancient times, whether ancient ancestors, or today’s modern people, everyone will have a zodiac belonging to their own.As the zodiac culture has penetrated into everyone’s daily life, it has become the symbol of our birth and the mark of life.The influence of zodiac culture is so profound that ancestors not only use it to predict the fate of a person’s life, but also believe that people’s animal signs must match to have a perfect marriage.Although this view is traditional and has no scientific basis, it is still held by many traditional folk families.In ancient times, when the ancestors got married, there would be a fixed procedure, which was called “six rites”, one of which was “asking the name”.Asking for a first name means asking the birthdates of both parties before proceeding to the next step of “marriage” or “naji”.Naji is to divination the birth date of both parties to see if they are married.During the naji process, people also match animal signs.It is because the ancestors have such marriage customs, so the development of many zodiac marriage idioms.For example, “when dragons and tigers fight, there will be a wound”, “white horses fear green cows”, “golden chickens do not meet dogs”, “pig and monkey will never end” and so on.These customs pay attention to, in fact, are ancestors of a better life.At that time, people did not have the word of free love, but only “arranged by parents and matchmakers”.Whether two people are suitable or not depends entirely on the so-called “fate”.This has led to the use of birth dates, animal signs and so on to predict marriage.So, in the ancestral view, is marriage of the same zodiac good or bad?In our traditional culture, people use the zodiac to mark the year, every 12 years in a cycle.So, the same zodiac sign means that two people are either the same age, or 12 years apart. There are also 24 years apart, but that’s rare.There are folk sayings like “Two tigers on different hills” and “Two sheep on different hills, but not for long”. These sayings all mean that similar marriages are not very friendly.But there is a different story.For example, “two rabbits together in a cage, happy together”, “two dragons playing with pearls, four seas together” and so on.Generally speaking, these folk taboos or pay attention to, in fact, are the expression of a good wish in the hearts of people, especially the performance of the folk people for the prosperity of children and grandchildren.Although it is a little superstitious to use the zodiac to determine the happiness of marriage, it is undeniable that the zodiac culture does have a very important position in the folk, but also the wisdom of our ancestors.The zodiac culture embodies the wisdom of our ancestors and is a precious heritage of our traditional culture. However, in the face of the zodiac culture, we do not need to regard it as a statement of fate. Our animal sign will not have a great impact on our life.It is the spice of our life, not the main course. Keep in mind that no matter what animal sign marriage is, it can have a happy ending!

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