Thorny olive branch, WNBA intends Li Yueru, but should be cautious to join, Zhou Qi is the precedent

The Chinese women’s basketball team, after staying in Europe for the preliminary round of the World Cup, finally returned to China to complete the necessary quarantine process.The players also got a rare chance to be with their families.After a simple rest, they will soon gather to prepare for the following World Cup and The Asian Games in Hangzhou.In this section of “busy time” precious holiday, WNBA came a message, let women’s basketball main center Li Yueru became the object of hot discussion.It seems that there is no consensus on whether to go abroad to play.At noon today, many portals and accounts simultaneously exposed the WNBA League Chicago Sky signed a contract with Li Yueru this news, the current specific progress of the trade is not clear, said to have signed a rookie contract, there are also sources revealed that only got the right to sign.But judging by manager and coach James Wade’s comment that “we’re trying to figure out how and when she can come,” Li may still be a long way from actually playing abroad.What are the advantages of playing abroad?At present, there is only one advantage: compared with our domestic league, the level of WNBA may be higher, young Li Yueru will get a higher level of training opportunities, so that his skills will be refined again.Both the individual and the national team will benefit.But that may be the only attraction.In terms of personal benefits, Li Yueru will not earn much more money because of playing abroad.What we need to know is that salaries in the WNBA are relatively low, around $100,000 is considered a relatively large contract.A super star like Li Yueru should have no problem getting a million dollar contract in our WCBA.In terms of personal gains alone, it may be down rather than up.In addition, there is a realistic problem in front of Li Yueru is that it is impossible to play in the WNBA.Regardless of the WCBA training and competition, the national team schedule is quite intensive.The World Cup matches and the Asian Games are in September.The women’s basketball team will start closed training early in order to perform well on the world Series stage and at home.It’s impossible to play abroad in a short time.Finally, there’s the biggest uncertainty — even if Li does make it to the WNBA, it won’t be an immediate improvement.In fact, our country’s other center Han Xu had WNBA experience, although at that time the momentum is not small, known as talent.WNBA draft also gave a high evaluation, but the game, Han Xu can get the playing opportunities are limited.Of course, to Li Yueru such has hit out, in the world have a certain reputation of the center, team treatment is certainly stronger than rookie rookie.Even so, that is Li Yueru to adapt to the team, rather than the team to adapt to her.Zhou qi, who played in Australia this season, has become a “tiger riding” situation.Lukewarm in the team, obviously the strength of the coach just won’t give you tactical status.Then the umpire will also be explicit and implicit against you, so that you play very uncomfortable, strong to make it!The same truth, if there is no sufficient position in the team, always put her when blue-collar words, Li Yueru is afraid it is difficult to have rapid progress.In addition, life is not familiar, language barrier, weight is larger Li Yueru suitable for the training amount there?And the impact of the pandemic.Li Yueru perhaps really should prudently face this throw olive branch!To sum up, my personal opinion is that Li Yueru is very suitable for the style of Chinese women’s basketball team. Li Yueru also works very hard and has self-discipline. She can continue to make progress with the practice of the national team.

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