Touched Shantou more than 100 residential dish, did not think of wow, take to decorate only 18

Earn the money of big city, return shantou to buy a house.From the “Shell Research Institute” released “2021 home purchase report”, Shantou ranked the ninth hot third-tier cities.This part of the shantou crowd, in order to distribute in Guangzhou, Shenzhen working and living groups.Guangzhou, Shenzhen is now the primary housing, with the decoration of the model;One busy work, high time cost, with decoration to hand over the room can be carried in the bag, save worry and effort, shorten the waiting time;Second, the delivery of the decoration also avoids the noise brought by the renovation of neighbors during the living period.Shantou people working and living in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, with the recognition of the decoration of the housing source, acceptance is also higher.Return shan property, look at the house nature also can’t fall with the project of decoration!Sister searched shantou more than 100 projects, with hardcover only these 18.(Only homes and condo products with 70-year ownership are counted.)Baolilin Language Garden is located near Shantou University. The project is divided into six blocks, of which 48 foreign houses and small high-rise buildings are planned to be built in blocks 1 and 2. At present, some areas have been delivered.The plot ratio of the project is only 1.8. At present, the main construction area of the project is about 89-169 square meters with existing house decoration, starting from 7, and the activity of 120,000 down payment is launched.Poly Hefu is located at the junction of Ali Shan Road and Hong Kong And Macao Road, covering an area of about 81 mu.At present, the average price is about 17,000 yuan, among which, 8 Zhenlinfu building area of about 129-131 square meters, with decoration panel small high-rise, a ladder a family.Poly Tianhui Is located at the junction of Youyi Road and Zhongyang Avenue in Xinxi District, covering an area of about 152 mu, which is the product of Poly Tianzi.At the sale price of about 12,500 /㎡, the main construction area of about 97-142㎡ with decoration.The project is also equipped with cultural activity centers and primary and secondary schools, with its own commercial construction of about 22,000 square meters, which has started to attract investment.Jiangnan Meiwan is located in the southwest of the junction of Jinfeng Road and Berdi Road. The project plans 9 commercial and residential buildings of 15-29 floors, and the products cover one room to four rooms.With the decoration products cover the construction of about 40 square meters of small size and construction of about 89-104 square meters of three rooms, has been open to visit the sample room.At the junction of Huanghe Road and Lushan Road, it covers an area of about 55.4 mu and plans to invest a total of 485 million yuan, which is developed and constructed by Tai ‘an Real Estate.The project plans to build 10 high-rise residential buildings of 13 to 14 floors, all of which are slab structure with 70 years property right.Product construction area of about 60-137 square meters two to three rooms, hair dryer price from 11,000.Hequn Tianhe Mingmen Phase II, located in the northwest of the junction of East Coast Avenue and Hong Kong and Macao Road, covers an area of about 270 mu. It is planned to build 16 super-high-rise residential buildings of 39-45 floors.The project is mainly built with a floor area of about 112-213㎡, among which 10 houses with a floor area of about 124-139㎡ are built with decoration products.Longguangxi Coast is located in Beishan Bay, Haojiang District, covering an area of about 330 mu, which is developed in 5 phases.The main construction area of about 40-115 square meters with decoration, in the sale price of 6, the model room has been open.In the near future, jiangnan courtyard with 145-165 square meters of construction area will be launched, and the demonstration area will be opened soon.Longguang Yuyu Coast is located in Shantou Nanao County after the town of the island road, by two rows of high-rise residential and villa group, the main push construction surface of about 39-105 square meters with decoration, in the average price of 9200 yuan/square meters.Located in the east side of Diving Hall, Nanbin Road, Haojiang District, The project covers an area of 50 mu and plans to construct 8 30-38 floors residential buildings. It is the first pure residential project without shop design in Nanbin.The main construction area of the project is about 40~260 square meters of one room to four rooms, of which 1/6 of the 40-72 square meters of small apartment with decoration.Located in Longhu Beach, Haojiang District, Zhonghai Gold Coast is a cultural tourism town integrating tourism, vacation, residence, leisure and entertainment, and health preservation.In the push construction surface about 45-125㎡ with decoration seaview high-rise, in the sale price of 7,500 yuan /㎡;Another launch of construction area of about 76-92 square meters with decoration courtyard, at the sale price of 12,000 / square meters;As well as the construction of about 133/175 square meters of folding villa, in the sale price of 14,000 / square meters.Country Garden, the main product with decoration products, has also increased its layout in Shantou in recent years. Currently, there are 8 projects for sale, all with decoration products, covering six districts and one county in Shantou, which is worth paying attention to:Project District/county housing type price (YUAN /㎡) Country Garden New Chen Bay Jinping 69-211 square meters 7 head start Country Garden Spring Li Longhu 65 square meters 9500 Haoyue Bay Hao Hao Hao 145 square meters 7500-8500 Country Garden Fengyue Jiangwan Chenghai 70-124 square meters 9000 Country Garden Jinxi Mansion Chaonan Liangying 95-125 square meters 7200 Country Garden Fenglin MansionChaoyang 110-143 square meters 8 from gugrao Country Garden Chaoyang Gugrao 117-238 square meters 6500 country Garden Yunhai 39-75 square meters 9500 for reference only, specific to the actual belt decoration although worry, but the developers decoration style, standards are different.When buying houses with decoration, we should also determine the contents and services provided by the decoration, so as not to step on thunder.In the New Year, I wish you all the best houses.This information is for reference only, specific to the actual shall prevail, without permission, shall not be reproduced.

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