Veterans turned into “milk powder knights” ele. me deployed “baby care car” to deliver urgent orders

In Pudong New Area, many “precious mothers” were in urgent need of milk powder, so Ele. me dispatched four “baby care cars” to meet the “emergency special demand” of milk powder orders.In the five days since the service was officially launched, dozens of families have already been treated by private buses, with the farthest one exceeding 40 kilometers each way.”Milk powder distribution is different from general takeout. On the one hand, each baby has its own brand and model, which makes purchasing difficult.On the other hand, there are few stores in operation, and most of them are far away from the homes of users in urgent need.”Hou Jingjing, head of maternal and child business at Ele. me, said, “So with the decision of the ele. me party member commandos, we decided to mobilize the cars guaranteed for supply for targeted remote delivery.”On April 2, the first “baby care car” hit the road. The driver, Zhong Hainan, is a young veteran from Songyuan, Jilin province. He is an honest and strong “warm-hearted”.Before he decided to go on the road, Zhong’s supervisor reminded him that although his car had a security permit, he might not be able to return to the community after going on the road, considering the prevention and control measures of different communities.He might have to live in his car for two weeks at a time.Zhong, a former soldier, did not hesitate. On the first day when he got the milk powder, he worked until nearly 12 o ‘clock and drove nearly 150 kilometers to deliver the five most urgently needed orders to users.That night, a tired Zhong felt a sense of accomplishment, so he recorded a video to his parents in jilin province about his work: “Your son has done something meaningful.”For transportation reasons, Ele. me continues to mobilize vehicles. Baoma Tian Dan, from Shaanxi Province, also joined Zhong on the road to deliver food rations to the baby. The farthest one she delivered was from Xinchang Town in Pudong New Area, a one-way distance of more than 40 kilometers.As of April 6, there have been four “baby care cars” on the road.According to Hou jingjing, Ele. me officially launched its “emergency special needs” service on March 29, in an attempt to solve the special emergency needs of some Shanghai citizens by relying on the local life service capabilities of the platform.After several days of operation, the staff found that there was a lot of demand for milk powder from “Bao Ma”. Especially, some babies at the age of months would be at great risk if they were weaned, which made the staff very worried, so they launched the “Baby Care Car” project.”Here we would also like to thank King Zhongyuan store for cooperating with us in supply.Not only did they promise not to raise prices during special periods, but staff worked overtime to fill emergency orders.”Hou jingjing said, “At present, our ability is still limited. For the sake of the baby, we are all working hard at full capacity. We hope that more social forces can join us.”

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