With 25 billion yuan at the box office, Wu Jing is not just lucky

During the Spring Festival, the movie “Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake” has been riding through the storm, with box office exceeding 1.2 billion yuan.The total box office of wu Jing, the leading actor, has surpassed 25 billion yuan.The film is produced and directed by Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark and Dante Lam, and stars Wu Jing, Jackson Yi, Zhu Yawen and Li Chen.”The Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake” was a hit even before its release.The audience is very excited about the next story of the seven company soldiers.According to a survey by Maoyan Research Institute, 45 percent of audiences chose “Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake” as their first choice for the Spring Festival.In addition to playing the leading role, Wu jing is also one of the investors of “Watergate Bridge”.His Company, Beijing Dengfeng International Culture, is one of the producers, along with Bona Film, Bayi Film Studio, China Film and Alibaba Pictures.Wu Jing holds a 90% stake in Dengfeng Culture through Kran Film and Television and is the effective controller of the company.According to Maoyan, 437 million yuan was allocated to investors.Bona Film is the biggest winner, dengfeng Culture also a share of the pie.According to the National Day period of 2021, The box office of Changjin Lake reached 5.77 billion yuan, and the film’s share (not excluding the cost) reached 2.1 billion yuan.Some media estimates that the peak cultural investment of about 10%, points to 200 million yuan.Watergate Bridge is expected to rake in more than $4 billion.These two entries add up, investor Wu Jing earns pot full pot full.How did Wu Jing’s status change from martial arts actor to well-known film investor?Wu Jing has one person to thank for joining and investing in Changjin Lake.In November 2019, Yu Dong, chairman of Bona Film, approached Wu to star in Changjin Lake.When Yu Dong pulled Wu Jing out of the hospital, he was undergoing rehabilitation treatment.I was leaning on my crutch, holding the film in my hand, and I asked him, “If you look at me like this, can I play a soldier?After reading the script, Wu jing was so moved that he walked onto the set with a cane.”It touches the softest part of your heart,” he told China Film News.Wu Jing as the leading role, his company climb peak culture naturally into the production of the column.He also worked hard to promote it on various occasions.”All the actors are not pretentious at all.Now actors are getting better and better, working harder and harder, and complaining less and less.They injected a new vitality into the film. They were hard-working and finished digging on the ground and eating steamed buns.”On January 25, before the release of Watergate Bridge, Wu Jing, in cooperation with the film’s publicity, revealed the plot: “If changjin Lake let us remember that history, then Changjin Lake Watergate Bridge will let us remember every soldier of seven Company.””Changjin Lake” two films hit the market, climbing the peak culture harvest a lot.Wu Jing has his own style.Guo Fan, director of The Wandering Earth, once joked: “Wu Jing was tricked into coming here.”At first, Guo turned to Wu for help in a cameo role.As we were shooting, the budget went over and the crew ran out of money.”In the end, the director said, ‘Brother Jing, the money is not enough, can you not take the money?I don’t get paid.When I ran out of money to do special effects, I got involved, so I invested.”Mr. Wu invested $10 million in ‘The Wandering Earth,’ or about 20 percent of the total investment.The Wandering Earth was a surprise hit during the 2019 Spring Festival, raking in 4.7 billion yuan.Maoyan data shows that after removing the distribution from cinemas, the distribution of films will reach about 1.7 billion yuan.Rough calculation, good at discovering the value of the stock, bargains built positions wu Jing, net profit of about 200 million.Investment in “The Wandering Earth” was also brokered by film and television heavyweights.Former ST North wen chairman Song Knew Wu Jing for many years, appreciated, said he was a “chivalrous young man”.The two often met for drinks.ST North is also one of the producers of The Wandering Earth.Films such as “Watergate Bridge” and “The Wandering Earth” were both successful and successful. Wu jing’s films earned more than 25 billion yuan at the box office, surpassing Shen Teng and Huang Bo to become The most popular actor in China.The actor Wu Jing that frequently bets in explodes money, what rely on is not only good luck, having oneself original investment logic.Wu jing’s first bucket of investment career gold was Wolf Warrior 2.In the summer of 2017, Wolf Warrior 2 raked in 5.6 billion yuan with an investment of about 150 million yuan.Like Watergate Bridge, most of the hit films Wu has acted in and invested in are military-themed.”When I wanted to shoot, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Donnie Yen were all at the Peak.It’s hard for me to beat them.I can only open up a new field — military action movies.”By his own account, Wu jing has long been eager to find a cinematic formula that works for him.Wu Jing has just graduated from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business after studying action films for a year.After two years of study, he thought hard about the future of kung fu films and clarified the relationship between films and capital.”I took it off for a few years because if you want to use the market to help us achieve our dreams, it takes more than a reputation.Only know how to play, not only know how to beat, but also have the ability to think about the market.”In mid-2021, Wu Jing said in an interview with Contemporary Film that he should adopt a market-oriented and industrialized approach to film making.During his study at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, he enriched his knowledge of capital operation.Wu Jing’s classmate Talent Yu remembered that when Professor Xue Yunkui of Cheung Kong Business School talked about professional concepts such as M2 (broad money) and DuPont analysis, Wu Jing would ask questions in a series.He said to the teacher, “Professor, if I understand something, the class will understand it.””In the past, when people talked to Wu about investment and the business interests behind movies, he thought there was a hole in it, but he didn’t know what it was.By the end of the class, he knew exactly where the pit was and what it looked like, and he could figure it out in theory.”Talent Yu sighed.For capital, Wu Jing used to refuse, “I shoot according to my own, (otherwise) I don’t want your investment, or sell the house.”Now, Wu Jing is a good hand at working capital.According to Maoyan, wu invested in three of the top five grossing films of all time in the Mainland, namely changjin Lake, Wolf Warrior 2 and The Wandering Earth.He also invested real money to make action movies formulaic and industrial.”I have now built a base with 30 rooms and a martial arts hall called Shadow Martial Hall.In the training hall of more than 1,000 square meters, I cultivate my own team.”Yingwutang is a company founded by Wu Jing in May 2021 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan.Over the years, Wu jing is transforming from an actor to a content provider and a business-savvy boss.

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