Zanhuang County, Hebei province, carried out a campaign to promote national security and Law

Recently, The National Security Office of Zanhuang County Party Committee in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province, together with the Justice Bureau of Zanhuang County and other departments to carry out the “National security and Law together” national Security Day publicity activities.April 15 this year marks the seventh National Security Education Day.Recently, shijiazhuang city, hebei province ZanHuang national security for united zanhuang county justice bureau and other departments in the main streets clear place to carry out the “national security with the method of” the national safety education day the franco-prussian propaganda activities, within easy reach of the legal service for the masses, efforts to improve the consciousness of national security, build national security defense.Event, volunteers to past the mass distribution of the constitution, the national security law, keep state secrets law, people’s mediation law and other law books and national safety education day knowledge popularization propaganda color pages, such as typical case to explain in detail the crime of endangering state security, education to guide the masses research method, the law, law-abiding, usage, and actively create a “everybody is responsible for national security,” the strong atmosphere of the rule of law.More than 2000 copies of various publicity materials were distributed and more than 50 people received legal advice.The next step, Zanhuang County will be practical traditional propaganda and new media two positions, online and offline coordination, promote national security education awareness deeply rooted in the people.

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