Zhengzhou public security “ten bright police” to protect peace

(Correspondent: Niu Siyuan) Taurus to say goodbye to the old year, The Tiger song.During the Spring Festival, shangjie district, zhengzhou city public security bureau to strengthen social overall prevention and control, overall planning, careful arrangement, establish a “guardian” bright “peace police” working mode, pays special attention to the security work during the Spring Festival will tighten a stiff, effectively safeguarding the social order stability, ensure that the masses in an atmosphere of peace and stability and to celebrate the New Year.Street police auxiliary police adhere to the “highest standards, the most stringent requirements, the strongest measures”, solid work to carry out duty on duty, patrol prevention and control, public security control and other work, hard dedication, fulfill their duties, with “bright” police to protect long-term security, with “bright” police watch lights.The working mode of the public security in the street is: the police light is on, the shoulder light is on, the night check is on, the patrol is on, the bayonet is on, the joint prevention is on, the publicity is on, the window is on, the project is on and the warm police is on.Block public Security bureau insists on explicit use of police, further implement the “1, 3, 5” minute rapid response mechanism and “minus one second” combat mechanism. In key areas, parts and time periods, adopt the combination of walking patrol and vehicle patrol, daily inspection and night inspection, explicit use of police, mobile standby, flashing lights, relying on the street police station,From the Angle of dealing with sudden, quick reaction and closing, the “negative one second” combat mechanism is fully implemented.Shoulder shangjie district public security bureau according to the actual area the light is bright, clear “30 + N” patrol force of point, line and plane, weave “three layers of four circles” prevention and control network, combined with high street quick “3 + 2” service system, integrating point line, putting cops accurate, scientific scheduling, the layers on duty police solemn orderly, high spirit, shoulder lights flashing, majesty and orderly, omni-directional, the whole period of time to carry out patrol unattended.Under the unified command and dispatch of the joint handling center, it can realize the enclosing layer and quick disposal in the first time.To ensure patrol density, coverage breadth and response speed of community prevention and control during the Spring Festival.YeZha bright shangjie district public security bureau continued to carry out the social prevention and control during the Spring Festival YeZha actions, focusing on traffic violation during Spring Festival and entertainment venues within their respective jurisdictions to inventory management, the full implementation of predominant control measures, comprehensive control of traffic safety hidden trouble dealing, comprehensive deter all kinds of illegal and criminal activities, to build the high pressure situation, strike hard and punish continued,We will strengthen coordination among police forces, focus on source control, and strengthen social security prevention and control as well as the investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes.Patrol Liangshang Block Public Security Bureau closely combined with the characteristics of the area of public security, reasonable arrangement of patrol and control work, take the combination of step patrol + car patrol, adhere to the police street, the area of key sections, key parts of the regular 24 hours of dynamic patrol.Strengthen patrol and control of residential areas, especially residential communities, business circles, streets and alleys where people are densely distributed, extend the police force to every corner of the jurisdiction, timely find and deal with the current warning clues, and effectively deter, crack down on and prevent current crimes.The Public Security Bureau of Baykou Liangshang Block strictly implements the deployment requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and fully guards the bayonet of G30 Lianhuo High-speed Street station for epidemic prevention. During the Spring Festival, the temperature is low, the flow of vehicles returning home is large, and the flow of people is large. The task is extremely heavy, and the auxiliary police on duty stick to their posts to carry out epidemic prevention inspection 24 hours a day.We will cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control staff of other departments to strengthen the inspection and temperature measurement of people in foreign vehicles, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to ensure that no vehicle is missed and no one is missed, so as to effectively safeguard people’s health and life safety.Lianfang Liangshang District Public Security Bureau continues to promote the construction of “safe vigilante” team. During the Spring Festival, the street patrol police of all police stations lead the safe vigilante team to carry out foot patrol and fire inspection in crowded places to ensure that the hidden dangers in the area are cleared up in time.And by using the timing of the migrant workers return home, extensive propaganda telecoms networks to prevent fraud, fraud prevention propaganda page, help the masses to download “the national center for anti cheat” APP, at the same time, in view of the common fraud during the Spring Festival, such as transport tickets fraud, set New Year red envelopes fraud, “fu” red envelopes fraud, etc., combined with real case, use the most simple “vernacular”,Let anti-fraud propaganda go deep into people’s hearts.Propaganda Liangshang Block Public Security Bureau during the Spring Festival, the full use of “online + offline” “traditional + science and technology” and other ways to further strengthen the publicity, broaden the publicity channels, the use of peace construction LED publicity large screen, wechat weibo, display board banners and other various publicity methods,Full coverage, full time to carry out safety protection, fire safety, fraud and theft prevention, civilized traffic and other themes of publicity, intuitive, face to face, pleased to remind the masses to strengthen all kinds of safety awareness.In the form of short videos, theme posters, and series of briefings, we insist on telling the stories of police officers well, promote the positive energy of public security, and strive to plan and carry out a series of Spring Festival publicity activities that are “down to earth and close to people’s hearts”, so as to inspire police and inspire morale, so that the stories of police officers can be seen online and everywhere.Engineering bright shangjie district public security bureau to visit “” practice activities as an opportunity to adhere to the development of the new era of” a surname spirit “, “maple bridge experience” promoting “1000” project, actively respond to the people of new era public security work new expectations and requirements, further go deep among the masses and close ties with the masses, to build strong police-community YuShuiQing.Street public security auxiliary police knock on people’s homes, send New Year’s couplets, send New Year’s greetings to home, knock on the people’s “heart door”, send peace and happiness to home.Window on the block public Security Bureau during the Spring Festival to further strengthen the effectiveness of public opinion testing work, comprehensively strengthen the reception and disposal of police norms, improve the speed of police, police faster than a second, safe one more!We tried every means to solve the problems of the people and do practical things. We always put the safety and security of the people in mind, so that the people really feel the speed, temperature and strength of public security in the streets.Traffic management, household administration, immigration and other public security business Windows continue to provide business handling services to the public during the Spring Festival, to ensure that the Spring Festival “not closed” and “not empty” services.Warm warm light shangjie district public security bureau police insist on advancing p love p project, called out the slogan of “happiness JingYing joy years”, proceed from “heart” and from “small”, carrying out “three into” attentively complete let police “eat well, live well, scientific adjustment” three things, “the police officer a barber shop,” a “police treasure kindergarten” officer “dry room” run normally,Activities such as “Police belonging and police treasure entering police camp” and “Police Treasure winter camp” have been widely carried out to make the auxiliary police who are still working on the front line during the Spring Festival have a warm and unforgettable New Year.

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