A blockbuster investment by the world’s largest private equity fund in consumer goods exclusively invested in Yi Yun, the parent company of Bonatian

According to pet industry sources, on February 18, Shanghai Yiyun Pet Products Co., LTD. (referred to as Yiyun), the parent company of pet food brand Bonatenpure, announced that it had completed its first round of financing, which was exclusively invested by L Catterton, the world’s largest private equity fund for consumer goods.According to Zhao Haiming, founder and CEO of Yiyun, this round of financing will be used to increase investment in the supply chain, build the safest supply chain system for Pets in China, increase pet nutrition and health research, introduce global pet food research and development forces through partners and expand channel penetration.According to the company’s official introduction, Yiyun was founded in 2009, adhering to the enterprise belief of “better pet life”, has been adhering to the international perspective and the concept of following the nature of pets to study the Chinese pet market.In the past few years, all the brands of yiyun have achieved sales growth, among which bona tianchun has developed into a local high-end dog food brand in China. During the double 11 of 2021, bona tianchun ranked TOP4 on jd’s hot brand list, and its dog food products ranked first on jd’s hot dog food list.Zhao haiming also revealed that bona Tianchun’s new cat food business has seen rapid sales growth, among which the newly launched Yina series has been well received by cat owners with its palatability and scientific nutritional formula.In addition to the brand and products, Yi Yun also has a strong competitive advantage in the supply chain and channel end, it adopts a vertically integrated business model, through the industry’s leading own factories, extensive distribution of domestic offline and online channels.Over the years, Yiyun has established close cooperation with strategic distribution and retail partners, and has entered numerous retail outlets including pet stores and pet hospitals across China, as well as an extensive online sales network on major e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD.com and Douyin.In terms of future planning, Zhao Haiming said that Yiyun will continue to use digital marketing tools to expand the brand awareness and influence of Bona Tianchun, solve the problem of scientific pet raising in Chinese family environment, and release the nature of pets scientifically.At the same time, it will also build the most secure supply chain system for Chinese pets, and fully pay attention to the harmony between people and pets and the sustainable development of the industry.In addition, Yiyun will also use L Catterton’s world-class strategic thinking and operation knowledge in the pet food industry to expand its global vision, enrich its product portfolio while expanding its size, and take harmony between people and pets as its long-term development goal.It is worth mentioning that Yi Yun will enter the overseas market and set up the international division this year.L Catterton LVMH group is the world’s largest focus on consumer industry’s top private equity investment institutions, in a total of seven investment platform on five continents, including flagship buy-out funds, growth funds, Latin America, North America European funds and Asian fund and real estate funds, the current in the tube assets reached $30 billion,About 200 billion yuan.It is worth mentioning that this investment in high-end pet food brand Bona Tianchun is L Catterton’s first investment in 2022, which also marks the fund’s first foray into China’s pet food market.Prior to this, L Catterton has rich experience in pet food investment worldwide. Its investment projects in this field include:Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, Butternut Box, Canidae, I and Love and You, Inspired Pet Nutrition, Just Food For Dogs, Lily'S Kitchen, Nature'S Variety), Petlove and Wellness Pet Food Company.Commenting on the investment, Yue Chen, Asia managing partner of L Catterton, said:”We believe that the continued increase in China’s per capita disposable income and raise pets are humanized macro-economic background, China’s high-end pet food category will usher in a new opportunity, relying on strong research and development capabilities, excellent product quality and expanding the channels of distribution, in accordance with the aggregates are ready to benefit from the long-term trend of preparation.We look forward to our strategic partnership with Yi Yun and our founders and experienced management team to drive the company’s next phase of growth.”

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