AMD R9 6900HS core shows Cyberpunk 2077 test, close to GTX 1060

Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.5 performance test information has been released by Computerbase, adding data from the AMD R9 6900HS core display.The R9 6900HS in the image above is probably from the new ROG Magic 14, as it is currently the only model with this processor.According to the official, the test game is set to 1080p, low quality, and does not enable AMD’s FSR technology.Testing data shows that the R9 6900HS core Radeon 680M delivers about twice the gaming performance of the previous generation OF AMD’s strongest APU, the R7 5700G.The desktop GTX 1060 delivers 1.19 times the performance of the Radeon 680M and the desktop GTX 1650 delivers 1.25 times the performance of the Radeon 680M.As REPORTED earlier by IT Home, AMD has also released official test data for the Radeon 680M R7 6800U. The R7 6800U has twice the performance of the i7-1165G7’s 96EU Xe.In addition, with FSR super-resolution enabled, the Radeon 680M also beats the GTX 1650 Max-Q on laptops.AMD R7 6800U Radeon 680M: Performance over Nvidia MX450, Double Intel Xe

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