Ark of tomorrow: the artist celebrates the first anniversary of the satellite six gentlemen all landed who has no skin who unlucky

Ark tomorrow for this landing live-fire orange flash, can say how extraordinary significance, after all, the clear flash is the ark known satellite agent tomorrow, the earliest time, but be born at the latest, if it weren’t for this cloud spark activity, estimated powder hair fall to the ground to break through the 700 days, can only say that, for the successful landing of the powder coat,The artist also issued an interesting picture to celebrate the first anniversary of the landing of all six gentlemen satellites.The is alchemaniac teacher to play terrier and ridicule, namely, Katie, empty string, the pony mother painters, to celebrate the anniversary celebration of six star agent released 6 gentleman satellites, in the clear open access time, the first card to access to unlock the orange flash, and actively cultivate, place the six gentleman’s agent to arrange together,Or in accordance with the order of the original deployment of the official placement, looking very appropriate and with sense.And as a clear flash at least the painter also sighed, finally waited for this picture, finally is a lot of together.Practice degree this piece has no what good ridicule, the somebody else is originally kitchen power supreme painter, kiss daughter empty string nature is full practice degree, many doctor playing games are with love power generation, give oneself favorite dry member nature is the best treatment.But still to sigh, one anniversary of the launch of the satellite, no matter what the reason, leng is waiting for the third anniversary before the complete landing, no wonder the second anniversary and half anniversary celebration, Eagle Horn did not get this kind of similar dry satellite information, to their own acts increase pressure.And meaning is the strength of the six gentleman’s performance varies, mountain and thorns are a solid foundation on agent, 42 elder sister changed the body feeling, the game’s top mock god stood on the intensity of peaks and vertex, cragginess and an empty string, the former king of volume in the push, the intensity of the latter despite the controversy, but fortunately, with the edge of the pigeon whole proved on performance, orange flash evaluation is good now,The fact that six gentlemen intensity is quite reliable, but the guard this occupation, is really win hemp.In summary, tomorrow the ark is a from time to time was less players out poking fun at the stem, however, the agent at least live-fire, landing and powder coat and performance, the record player is this lifetime all remember, in this way to get the top presence, orange flash in some sense is reached the height of the other agent can not reach.But now the pressure is on the skinless members of the Six gentlemen. Congratulations to Saga and Saga for making it to the finals. Let’s see if we can resolve the complaints and problems without skin first.

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