Henan women get married, the family dowry car and 66,000 yuan dowry, dowry not leave all back

Bride price has been criticized by men, some places often hundreds of thousands of bride price, is to make most men back, straight call can not afford to marry.But generally paid a large bride price, the family will be more good to their daughter-in-law, afraid that the daughter-in-law is not satisfied with the divorce, the bride price will be wasted.Some don’t bride price of the woman married in the past, not by the husband’s good, the husband’s family think you can’t marry bride price, the man think you change also don’t love dearly.And that creates a paradox about whether or not to have betrothal gifts.If men can love the women who do not want bride price, then more girls will not want bride price.Nowadays there are a lot of things that break up lovers because of bride price.The man feels that he does not want to give the bride price, the woman feels that you can not even take the bride price, can not guarantee the future life of the daughter.Recently, a family in Henan province married a girl, but people have a different view of betrothal gifts.Recently, a netizen in Zhumadian shared a video of his neighbor’s daughter getting married on a certain website, which attracted a high number of views.The video shows a convoy of cars to greet the bride. The car in front has a big red flower, which is the dower of the bride’s family to the groom.There was also a sign on the car that said the bride price was brought back to the man by the bride and her family gave her 660,000 yuan in cash.The bride’s family really dotes on their daughter, and for them, asking for the groom’s dowry is to see his attitude.The groom’s family was generous enough to give a small amount of the bride price, and they certainly did their son-in-law no harm.The family bought a car, married the man on the wedding day, and gave the daughter a dowry of 6,600 cash.Don’t let the daughter bring the man back to the bride price.Such an atmosphere of parents, is the daughter full of confidence.While some people are desperate for betrothal gifts, those happy families give betrothal gifts and dowry as the starting capital for the couple to get married.Some netizens said that she is a Beijing mother who always watches the Internet to tear the bride price.Beijing side is no bride price, her daughter married also did not ask for bride price, the husband’s parents together, to the couple in Beijing to pay the down payment, the couple also pay their own mortgage.Both of their families are from Beijing, and the concept of family is the same.The daughter bought a house close to the community where both parents live. She would come to their parents’ home for dinner on weekends, and the couple would live by themselves at ordinary times.Having children is also the help of both parents.Some netizens also said that there are a lot of such things. Nowadays, although parents ask for betrothal gifts, they always give them to their daughters on the wedding day.The bride price depends on the attitude of the man, and the happiness of the daughter is the most important in the eyes of the parents.The woman’s parents look down on you, you give more dowry people do not care.Some people’s parents put forward very harsh to the bride price, the requirement is not interested in the man, find a reason to let the man back away.She is like this, before her daughter found a boyfriend, that man she looked at not pleasing to the eye, deliberately proposed to hundreds of thousands of bride price, scared the man ran away.Later, the daughter had a boyfriend, she and the father of the child looked at the boy all like, they asked for tens of thousands of dowry, daughter married the family to 200,000 dowry.Xiaobian think this woman’s parents are very atmospheric, in the heart care about her daughter.The purpose of returning dowry and bride price is to give the daughter confidence in her husband’s family. Her family is not poor in money. If she bullies her daughter, the mother’s family is not vegetarian.The husband’s family is good to their daughter, the mother’s family is willing to give money and work.What do you think?Welcome to comment.

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