Mission: The nucleic acid testing team of Datong Second Hospital cancer Hospital returned triumphantly

On January 5, 2022, the Cancer Hospital of Datong No. 2 Hospital actively responded to the relevant instructions and requirements of the Provincial and municipal Health Commission. According to the overall work arrangement of the hospital, the epidemic Prevention and Control Office, medical department, nursing department, office, material supply Department, hospital sense Office, security Department and other departments of datong No. 2 Hospital made emergency arrangements.At 11 p.m., the team assembled punctually, ready to go.The leading group of the hospital and the responsible person of the relevant functional departments saw the team members off.Dong Yimin, secretary of the Party Committee of the Hospital, and Fan Wenyou, president of the hospital, saw the team off and made a speech, pointing out that the team members actively participated in the nucleic acid examination work of Yuanyu, gathered on time under the order, demonstrated the responsibility and professionalism of the medical staff, and promoted the great anti-epidemic spirit.All members of the team always put people’s safety and health first, and have firm faith to fight and win the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control.At the same time told the team to ensure safety, do their own protection, complete the task successfully, safe return.January 7, datong Second People’s Hospital mobile capsule successfully arrived in Xinmi city.Under the rapid debugging of the equipment engineer, the instruments in the square cabin were quickly placed, powered on, watered, disinfected and ventilated, and the calibration of all precision instruments was completed. At the same time, the hospital sense management was strengthened, and the corresponding records and forms were improved to quickly enter the readiness state.Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.January 13, according to the organization arrangement, the team went to Henan Anyang city support again, race against time, go all out.They actively optimize the details of the process and stick to their posts 24 hours a day in turn.It was a race against time to fight the “epidemic”. Through the coordination and cooperation of all posts, the reporting time of nucleic acid testing was greatly shortened, and the nucleic acid testing task of Henan was successfully completed with high standard and high quality.On January 29, the hospital’s leadership and relevant functional departments went to Xinyandu Hotel to welcome the nucleic acid testing medical team quarantined here, and extended a warm welcome to their triumphant return.Thank them for their selfless work on the front line of the epidemic.In the face of the epidemic, everyone is an indispensable force.During the period of helping Henan, the 15 comrades of the hospital protected each other and worked hand in hand, the frontline battlefield of epidemic prevention. They were protecting life with their lives and protecting health with their health. They were practicing the original mission of medical workers with practical actions, and built a Great Wall of steel for epidemic prevention and control with their flesh and blood.(Correspondent Zhang Qi) Responsible editor: Zhang Yanlin

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