Public Security Bureau adhere to the development of the new era “Fengqiao experience” to promote the “30” to create a safe work

Recently, the county public Security Bureau adhere to the development of the new era of “Fengqiao experience”, further innovation work mechanism, tamp responsibility, clear tasks, implement work measures, to promote the “three zero” peace creation work.First, strengthen organizational leadership.Set up a leading group, set up specialized classes;Make the task list of creation work, make clear the specific goals and tasks, and steadily promote the creation work;Establish a “zero case” day early warning system, do a good job in publicity, warning and prevention.Second, focus on prevention at the source.Guided by the “Fengqiao Experience”, it has made great efforts to identify and resolve the source of conflicts and disputes, and improved the work of resolving and transferring conflicts and disputes. It has carried out a series of special actions to investigate and resolve conflicts and disputes in marriage, love and family, as well as activities such as “Thousands of police entering thousands of families”, “I do practical things for the people” and “50” safe village housing.We will work to resolve emerging problems at an early stage and resolve them at a small stage.Third, investigation and rectification of hidden dangers.To carry out the “Safety Protection” special action, continue to carry out the fire safety of stores along the street, electric vehicle flying line charging and other special rectification and inspection activities, strengthen the inspection and rectification of explosive hazardous chemicals, highly toxic chemicals, fireworks, bulk gasoline, delivery logistics and other industries.Fourth, we will consolidate infrastructure.Infrastructure construction has been standardized, including one Fengqiao police station, 157 work stations and 28 police offices.Organized personnel to learn the construction experience of smart security communities in advanced areas, actively combined with the relevant departments of the county, built 4 smart communities, are optimizing the initial construction of 21 communities, completed the survey, visit, budget registration of 24 communities.

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