Some people borrow money to pay their taxes, some cheat on their taxes

During this period of time, everyone was crazy about deng Lun’s tax evasion penalty and pursuit of 106 million yuan. The heat of this event has been high, so yunmi brand, Jiuya, Cainiao Wrapping, L ‘Oreal and other brands have terminated their cooperation with Deng Lun.Deng Said he was willing to take all responsibility.When I saw this news, I was shocked by it. Of course, it was only the amount of fine, not deng Lun’s tax evasion. The tax that a star evaded may be money that an ordinary person could never suffer in his or her life, and this money is just like a number to them.There is also an infuriating point that some of Deng Lun’s fans are still defending him at this time, which I am very resistant and angry.Taxes are the money of the country.If a country does not have even the most basic economic strength, how can it be peaceful and prosperous? Everyone’s tax is used to build public facilities, welfare facilities and money to face some natural disasters, and the national government departments are used to sustain themselves.To put it more simply, the epidemic has continued over the years. Why not pay for nucleic acid?Why patients should not pay for COVID-19 treatment?Where does the subsidy come from?Who reimburses the money for us?And so on and so on.Deng Had evaded 47.6503 million yuan in personal income tax from 2019 to 2020, while failing to pay 13.932 million yuan in other personal income tax.Are there not enough so-called stars evading taxes these years?Zheng Shuang, Viya and so on are hundreds of millions of tickets.What is the meaning of such a star?They are holding fluke psychology, the so-called what person set is also pretend to come out, even if the star in front of the law is still equal legal disposal is the best disposal of this kind of person, even if the legal punishment ended moral punishment everywhere, it can be said that one step wrong step by step wrong.Some people cheat on their taxes while others borrow to pay them.When Wang baoqiang divorced, all his property was frozen. He borrowed 3 million yuan from Chen Sicheng to pay 1.8 million yuan of tax money, and used the rest for divorce litigation.Are people like Wang baoqiang stupid?It’s true that he’s not as smart as Deng Lun in some ways, but he’s as clean as a squeal.This quality is worth every artist to learn, but I don’t think it is precious, because since you choose to be a public figure this is the most basic.Hope every artist to deng Lun as a negative textbook.

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