The students’ winter vacation homework problems, consult the teacher but was rejected, online comments polarization

For students, winter vacation is a happy and fulfilling thing. The happy thing is to release the learning pressure of a semester, while the fulfilling thing is that there may be a certain amount of winter vacation homework to be completed every day.Although winter vacation homework is to help students consolidate the basis of learning, involving the content is also learned knowledge, but no matter how smart students, will be in writing homework, encounter problems, at this time, some students need to go to others for help.A parent joked on the Internet that students’ homework is very difficult nowadays. Although he graduated from 985 university, his son still has some problems in his winter vacation homework.I originally wanted to ask my son to consult the teacher, but unexpectedly, he sent a message to the teacher but did not reply. Finally, the teacher expressed in the parents group that he also needed a rest during the winter vacation, hoping that everyone would not disturb his idea.It is also funny to see.Are teachers obliged to teach during holidays?So as a teacher, during the holiday, do you have the responsibility and obligation to answer questions for students?Netizens are also polarized on the issue.Some people think that as a teacher, teaching is their own work, so for students to explain difficult problems, is also part of the matter, should not refuse, especially during the winter vacation, since students have assigned homework, students should not do the topic for students to explain.But some people said that the teacher in the holiday is also need to rest, if every student in the class to find a teacher problem, the teacher even if there are “three heads and six arms”, also busy!And now on-the-job teachers are not allowed to make up lessons for students, if the teacher to students in the holiday to speak, it will inevitably let parents do not understand the actual situation of misunderstanding, then will still give the teacher trouble, so the holiday or should not disturb the teacher rest is better.In the author’s opinion, as a student, in the process of learning during the holiday, he can think of asking the teacher for help when he meets problems, which shows that he has a very positive attitude towards learning.Therefore, as a teacher, we should not do things to discourage students’ enthusiasm for learning, but should encourage students’ behavior, so that they are more likely to love learning in the future.However, it is understandable that teachers also have their own things to be busy during holidays. Therefore, when teachers encounter problems from students and have no time to explain them, they can encourage students to think by themselves.If you really can’t come up with it, you can wait until the school starts, and the teacher will explain to the students face to face. It is very likely that there are more than one or two students with the same problem. The teacher can gather them together and explain them in a unified way, so that the students can learn better and the teacher will not be disturbed by the students during the holidays.In time to get into the habit of independent study, students don’t have a problem always want to rely on others to help overcome though students in holiday also ask the teacher problem, that they treat learning attitude is very seriously, is worth encouraging, but on the other hand, also shows part of the students now, at the time of learning, is too dependent on others.Students will not do the problem in learning, such a situation may also be common, but most of the problems, students after thinking, can think of the problem solving ideas, especially winter vacation homework, the general difficulty is not great.Student parents can not do the topic, does not mean that students can not do it, after all, parents have graduated for many years, while students are receiving education, so as a student, or need to develop the ability and habit of independent thinking.Maybe in elementary school, students have difficulties in learning, some parents can help, but after middle school or high school, students are in trouble, most parents may not be able to help.Therefore, to cultivate students’ good habits of independent thinking as soon as possible is not only conducive to “extricate” parents from the work of tutoring homework, but also has a positive effect on students’ later learning.And also can avoid the student encounters consult the teacher to be rejected embarrassing situation to happen, so generally speaking there are great benefits, I hope you students can realize this problem early, early training students’ ability.The author said: students in the winter vacation, it is necessary to finish the homework carefully, but when facing problems, but also to think more brain, so as to think of a more comprehensive solution, their thinking can become more flexible.Finally, I hope that all the students can finish their winter vacation homework on time, and also hope that all the students can have a happy and full winter vacation!Today’s topic for discussion: Do you think students should ask their teachers for help when they have problems during the holidays?You are welcome to leave your comments in the comments section.For more of our favorite stories, follow Bey

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