Jingdong “shake” : During the Spring Festival Gala Millet turnover broke a new high of 100 million

A happy family to watch the Spring Festival Gala, beaming to welcome the New Year!With the Spring Festival Gala 0 o ‘clock bell ringing, this audio-visual cultural feast ushered in a new climax.As the exclusive interactive partner of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala, JINGdong will join hands with the brand to send Spring Festival greetings to thousands of households.At the same time, with the support of JINGdong’s quality assurance and intimate services, and the strong purchasing enthusiasm of users, brands represented by Xiaomi also ushered in a welcome new growth, and the transaction amount during the Spring Festival Gala exceeded 100 million!As we all know, CCTV Spring Festival Gala is one of the TV programs with the largest coverage and strongest penetration rate in China.Jd.com’s surprise appearance on the Spring Festival Gala with Xiaomi has greatly increased brand awareness and reputation, which has translated into real sales growth.Data shows that during the interactive Spring Festival Gala, xiaomi brand turnover broke 100 million!So “fruit” without understanding jingdong millet long-term stability, over the years, the two sides stick to bring the user configuration high-end, online single-phase &three-phase flagship product, the service link “add” at the same time, constantly improve and optimize the user shopping experience, the whole flow to “one-stop cash-for-clunkers” try “credit” and other intimate services to users “tasting” experience.It is worth mentioning that this year’s Spring Festival Gala interactive activities will last from the 22nd day of the twelfth lunar month (January 24) to the 15th day of the first lunar month (February 15).From the first day of the Chinese New Year (February 1), the whole “Drumming spring” online, users can participate in activities through jingdong APP to receive exclusive good goods welfare, until the 15th of the Lantern Festival, users can still come to Jingdong during the Lantern Festival party, bonus packages.The popularity of the Spring Festival Gala remains high, and this exclusive interactive cooperation with the Spring Festival Gala is still in hot.Jd will give full play to the effectiveness of a new entity enterprise, constantly improve the freshness of users through novel interactive gameplay and super value welfare offers, and at the same time open up a position for “head players” who stand out, directly reach hundreds of millions of audiences across the country, and draw new growth momentum from it.Jingdong will also continue to escort users through quality services such as “Spring Festival delivery” and “30-day warranty” to enjoy the happiness of every consumption in the Spring Festival.

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