Be to go up likewise 985, take an examination of grind go up and what distinction is there on the college entrance examination?The senior professor woke up the dreamer with one word

As the saying goes, “People are divided into three groups, six groups and nine groups”, there is also a huge gap in the strength of the universities that students aspire to. Among the more than 3,000 universities in China, there are also different grades, among which the first-class universities such as 985 and 211 are naturally the gathering places of students with excellent performance.With the rapid development of education level, more and more students change their fate through the college entrance examination, and those students who have been admitted to 985 have become the pride of their parents. After all, there are only 39 985 colleges and universities in China, and it is naturally very excellent to be admitted to them.However, because of the high score, many students miss the ideal colleges and universities, they want to make up for their regret by taking the postgraduate entrance examination. Although they are also enrolled in 985 colleges and universities, the actual value is very different. The senior professor’s words can be said to be “a word to wake up a dream person”.Be 985 colleges and universities likewise, take an examination of one’s deceased father grind go up with the distinction on the college entrance examination where be?The first point, from the difficulty of the exam, the difficulty coefficient of the college entrance examination is higher than that of the postgraduate entrance examination. On one hand, there are more and more competitors in the college entrance examination, and the number of postgraduate entrance examination is less than a few, so from the number of postgraduate entrance examination, the severity of the face is far less than the college entrance examination.Additional the course that the college entrance examination examines is same, no matter actor or actor is to need to face, take an examination of one’s deceased father grind has his professional direction, can avoid inferior course, and admit mark line also is a few lower than the college entrance examination, so from difficulty say take an examination of one’s deceased father grind go up 985 meeting more relaxed.Second, the social recognition and degree of “gold content” is very different, many enterprises and units are more recognized undergraduate 985 graduates, although they are holding the graduation certificate of 985 famous universities, but also look at the past teaching experience, with undergraduate degree as the main reference standard, so undergraduate 985 has a higher recognition.Moreover, in terms of gold value, undergraduate students have strong learning ability and some talents, while many students from Non-chinese universities are admitted to graduate schools by hard work day after day, which lacks the blessing of talent, so the gold value is not as good as the college entrance examination.However such a saying, did not hit a lot of postgraduate students’ confidence?In fact, zheng Qiang, a senior professor, woke everyone up when he said, “No matter what exam they pass, as long as they enter 985 University, they have earned it through their own efforts and deserve to be respected and understood by others.”He also said, “In the same way, the college entrance examination proves that he worked hard in high school, and the postgraduate entrance examination proves that he worked hard in college.”In fact, in a word, to enter their favorite universities, their own ability and efforts can be seen, although there is a real gap, but it is still worthy of recognition and praise.No matter through which form, as long as you can be admitted to the ideal university, it is commendable the so-called “hero does not ask the source”, ability and strength is the core of competition, so whether it is postgraduate entrance examination or the college entrance examination of the famous university, are through their unremitting efforts, which should be praised by others.In fact, to be admitted to the desired university is not only a reward for years of hard work, but also not to live up to the expectations of family and friends. Therefore, as long as you do your best, the strength of the school should not kill the efforts made by students behind.The author just thinks that it is more difficult to take the postgraduate entrance exam 985. Many students begin to relax their vigilance after entering university. In addition, they are exposed to a lot of interference things, and their energy is far less than in high school, so the process of preparing for the exam is the embodiment of perseverance.And the college entrance examination is in the teacher points, parents care, students work hard under the realization of multi-cooperation, but the postgraduate entrance examination is a lot of people fight alone, is a double test of body and mind, self-control and learning ability is very strong to go ashore, so subjectively speaking, postgraduate entrance examination 985 May be more difficult.The so-called “learn”, to go to school is not an end, only redouble our efforts to keep advantage in the first place, there is no end learning, to go to school does not mean can rest easy, just changed a new starting point, so students to correct their learning attitude, can’t hold the idea of “being” to deal with learning tasks.Second, future employment selection of the standard are many, famous aura, record of formal schooling is external conditions, such as really see or personal ability, only high comprehensive qualities of the students to stand out, so college students to specialized courses as the core, spreading related knowledge learning, to raise their professional depth and breadth, do comprehensive talent.Finally, in order to obtain a good job in the future, interpersonal network is essential, so students should establish a good interpersonal relationship with seniors, teachers and classmates, which can not only accumulate contacts for future development, but also exercise the ability to deal with people. After all, eq is also a necessary factor in the future career competition.Through the university entrance exam or one’s deceased father grind the 985 colleges and universities on the students’ ability is worthy of recognition, at least behind a lot of effort, but highly educated, the harvard graduates, or are not the only factor to determine your success, but with the high starting point than others, only redouble our efforts to learn to keep their own advantages,Only by striving to improve ourselves can we climb higher mountains, so students must have a “never too old to learn” mentality to learn and advance.Which do you think is more valuable, 985 in the postgraduate entrance examination or 985 in the college entrance examination?Welcome to share and discuss.(Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete) Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the small beauty mother education diary

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