First snow of the New Year

The second day of the year, a good day, but not a good day.The sky has not been brewing, there is no wind to explore the way, there is no cold to cheer, a snow quietly.Know snow is more than eight o ‘clock in the morning, son they are going to jiangbei New Year.My wife would probably escort them out, and I heard her repeatedly tell them to drive slowly on slippery roads in the snow.Then there was the dull, clear sound of the iron of the security door striking against the doorframe.I was shot up, wearing a coat, shoes came to the balcony, through the aluminum alloy window looked out, between heaven and earth is indeed a vast, the opposite hill was covered by the fog for most of the hill, looks lower than the foot of the tall building a big cut.And can see clearly in the line of sight, countless snowflakes are floating asperse.I looked on the balcony like a bird in a cage, and then ran to the window of the elevator in the north. The snow in the north was slanting and eager, and headed for the ground without thinking.The snow in the south is gentle and quiet, like the shepherd boy’s flute on a cow’s back, rough and long.I didn’t go to Cheng Jiadun yesterday.We crossed the bridge, went to the old man’s house, and then went to the two sister sister two families, coincidentally is three brother-in-law and the children are home for the New Year, more than 30 people play all day.At dinner, there were two large tables, and they drank wine and I drank water, but this did not affect the clink of glasses.There are also people standing at the table carrying bowls to eat, standing people said that the meal went down quickly, very lively.According to the custom of the hometown, the first day should be to the family elders to pay New Year’s visit.When I was very young, wearing new clothes, MY father took me to the next door uncle’s house, to the next door old father’s house, to the village of the little grandma’s house, according to the father taught words to pay New Year’s greetings to them.Get not only the praise of the adults, two pockets are also full of peanuts, rice candy, and childhood knowledge, a will never forget the satisfaction.I stayed at home all day. It had nothing to do with the snow.It is said that the flavor of the New Year is weak, but in fact, people are moving too little now.When I was a child, I liked playing firecrackers, kicking shuttlecock, playing cards and playing banknotes in the New Year.When playing, peanuts, jelly beans, or even rice candy are in your pocket. These are the rare enjoyment in difficult times, and will be hard to forget no matter how long the time goes by.After marriage to see the festival, each carrying only a knife of meat, a bottle of wine, a cake, a jin of sugar.Received is the feedback like the guest, the owner please pick up, call friends and relatives accompany guests.Four – or five-hour meals were the norm, and in those days there was no good wine, but it was dizzying.The road can see walking dancing, also humming huangmei ditty, squatting in the roadside vomiting.But I can’t get rid of it.In fact, in the early morning of the first day of the first lunar month, my nephew and son-in-law, daughter and son-in-law also came to my house with gifts. They all said that they were too busy to have a meal and were in a hurry to leave before they got on the sofa.The wife brought out the eggs and said, “Each man swallows one, and then it is useless. The water is harder to swallow than the wine.”In the evening, the snow was still falling, and there was no trace of snow on the ground, like ordinary rain.What does it taste like this year?No deep impression.Day after day, a few days to go out again, think, but a sigh.

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