Henan Pingdingshan college at the beginning why not called Pingdingshan normal college

Henan pingdingshan although covers an area of only 7882 square kilometers, but the city has four areas, respectively is weidong and zhanhe, shilong district and xinhua district, and although zhumadian area of the province in the fourth, but there is only one area, is commonly known as the so-called “one zone city”, zhumadian only a undergraduate course colleges and universities that huanghuai college,But pingdingshan has two undergraduate colleges henan Urban Construction College and Pingdingshan College.Huanghuai University and Pingdingshan University are comprehensive colleges and universities, and were upgraded to undergraduate colleges in 2004. The main lineage of the two schools is also normal. Why do these two schools not insist on the label of “normal”, but directly use the naming method of “city + college”?As for Huanghuai College, it has been discussed before, let’s talk about it specifically early today, why pingdingshan College was not called Pingdingshan Normal College?Ceiling, at present, a total of seven universities in addition to henan institute of urban construction and pingdingshan institute, there are 5 vocational college, the quality engineering vocational college, pingdingshan, henan industrial vocational and technical college and pingdingshan vocational and technical college is in downtown, and pingdingshan culture art vocational college in baofeng county of the city, the ruzhou in ruzhou vocational and technical college,Then Ye County, Jia County and Wugang did not have the layout of colleges.Before this, pingdingshan three school for junior college students, the normal school is the school of pingdingshan pingdingshan’s predecessor, the specific situation is then divided into two levels of running school, one is for junior college students, is a junior college, then this bliss develops for the pingdingshan teacher’s college, eventually became “teachers”,Its name was changed to Pingdingshan Teachers college and it was eventually upgraded to an undergraduate college, but it was not called Pingdingshan Teachers College.Interspersed, pingdingshan normal school of the original part of the teachers, and eventually merged with pingdingshan College of Education into pingdingshan vocational and technical college.Pingdingshan college developing rapidly, especially in the 2013 give merger after the pingdingshan health school, to enhance the comprehensive strength, and already give with clinical medicine, so the pingdingshan institute of medicine with clinical medicine, pharmacy, nursing and medical inspection technology four undergraduate majors, students up to 3200 people, the prospect is good.At present, there are only 8 normal colleges in Henan Province. According to the map, in addition to Zhengzhou Normal University and Henan Normal University, the other 6 are located around the whole province, clockwise, anyang, Shangqiu, Zhoukou, Xinyang, Nanyang and Luoyang.So the circle of Zhumadian, Pingdingshan and Luohe Xuchang have no special undergraduate normal colleges.It can be seen that the fact that Pingdingshan Normal College is not named Pingdingshan Normal College is related to the actual situation of higher education in Henan Province, which is caused by the balanced distribution of higher education in henan Province. There are only eight normal colleges in 17 cities in Henan Province, while Pingdingshan Normal College is developing into a comprehensive college.

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