Xinjiang: She Huo makes Lantern Festival

In urumqi people’s Square and Big Baza pedestrian Street, nearly 1,000 people participated in a Shehuo performance held at the same time, creating a festive, warm, happy and peaceful festive atmosphere.”The oldest member of the troupe is over 70 years old. The reason for participating in the shehuo show is not only to keep fit, but more importantly to pass on the northern Shaanxi waist drum culture as an intangible cultural heritage.”Su Haijun is the leader of the waist drum team in shehuo performance and has participated in shehuo performance for many consecutive years.February 15th morning, for the Lantern Festival, people with colorful culture life, promoting the construction of traditional culture at the same time, the xinjiang uygur autonomous regional committee propaganda department, sponsored by the autonomous region tourism culture and sports and “roars blessed life, celebrate the New Year” as the theme of the Lantern Festival in 2022 the Chinese folk traditional festival jan performance activities officially open.As an important part of traditional folk culture, shehuo shows record the memory of The Times, carry the Chinese civilization, and constantly innovate forms.Today, Shehuo no longer expresses people’s worship of “god”, but has evolved into a lively and interesting cultural entertainment and become a new folk custom.With festive drums and cheerful beats, the dragon and lion dance, Yangko dance and waist drum land boat at the event site attracted tourists to pick up their mobile phones to take photos and record.”I saw the preview of shehuo performance on the Internet yesterday. This morning, my family came to feel the lively atmosphere of the Lantern Festival. I felt the scene was very strong.””Said Ma Chunfang, a resident of Urumqi.At 12 o ‘clock on the same day, the shehuo performance team went to the XPCC headquarters, financial street and other places to parade, to send festive blessings.”This event is not only a blessing for us, but also a New Year’s encouragement for all the staff, encouraging us to give back to our customers with higher quality of service in the future.The festive atmosphere created by the performance has made us more confident about our work and life this year.”Icbc Urumqi branch vice president Wen Dongliang said.It is reported that the shehuo show not only includes traditional events such as feng gong and drum, land boat, dragon and lion dance, but also sports performances such as Tai Chi, taekwondo, street dance and kung fu fan.An Lining, an official with the Tianshan District’s culture, sports and Tourism bureau, said the main purpose of adding sports events is to inspire people’s enthusiasm for participating in sports and boost the Beijing Winter Olympics.(Guangming Daily all media reporter Li Hui correspondent Shi Xinlu)

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