A shock!The rockets knocked out the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference, scoring 29+12 and scoring 21 points for the second seed

Beijing time on February 3, the NBA regular season continues, the rockets host the Cavaliers.The Rockets were last in the Western Conference at 14-36, while the Cavaliers were fourth in the Eastern Conference at 31-20.To be honest, there’s a big gap between the two teams, and with Garland out with a back injury and Markkanen sidelined, the Cavs are short.Starting in the second quarter, the Rockets pulled away behind Sagu and Matthews, leading by as many as 15 points.The Cavs rallied in the second half, but wood scored five points in a row and Porter scored five in a row to win the game.The rockets ended a four-game losing streak with a 115-104 rout of Cleveland and knocked the Cavaliers out of the top four in the Eastern Conference.Cuttino Mobley had 29 points and 12 rebounds, Love 21 points, 13 rebounds and three assists, Osman 13 points, Oklo 11 points and Allen 11 points and six rebounds.For the Rockets, Gordon had 11 points, two rebounds and three assists, Wood 21 points, six rebounds and four assists, Green 21 points, five rebounds and five assists, Porter jr. 16 points and seven assists, Matthews 16 points and five rebounds, Martin Jr. 10 points and three rebounds.The cavaliers began to take the lead, Allen under the basket to eat the cake, Oklo home three points, Mobley counter – dunk.After the rockets survived, porter and Jaylen Green scored eight points in a row, cutton Mobley frequently drove to the basket in the middle, and Wood and Green responded by staying within five points.Sagu and Matthews tied the score with a 7-0 run at the end of the quarter, rondo stopped the bleeding with free throws, Jaylen Green hit consecutive free throws and Matthews and Christopher hit back-to-back 3-pointers in the first quarter to give the Rockets a 32-31 lead over Cleveland.In the second quarter, Matthews and Saguri stopped the Cavs with free throws, and Gordon added a 3-pointer. Only Cutton Mobley and Goodwin responded.The rockets led the Cavaliers 64-53 at halftime after green and Wade made 3-pointers in the second half, porter led them to a 15-point lead, and Love stopped the bleeding with a putback and free throw.Back in the second half, The Cavs hit back-to-back 3-pointers from Goodwin and Osman. Wood and Porter responded with solo shots. Cutton Mobley hit a solid shot, but the Rockets maintained a 5-8 lead on wood’s 3-pointer and Gordon’s driving layup.In the second half, Matthews and Wood hit 3-pointers to stop the Cavs, and love scored 5 points in a row to stop the bleeding.After three quarters, rockets 90-83 Cavs.Fourth quarter battle, cutton Mobley led the team to continue to chase points, but Tate and Martin Jr. responded with six consecutive points.Jaylen Green hit a 3 in the middle, and Love and Cutton Mobley closed the gap.In the final three minutes, Mobley finished 2+1 by wood, but Wood responded with 5 consecutive points by hitting Allen inside and out.The last 2 minutes, small porter again in three points, then Jay Green help flying small porter air receive violent buckle, the game lost suspense!The Rockets ended a four-game losing streak with a 115-104 home victory over the Cavaliers.To be honest, the rockets played really well today, especially Jaylen Green.In fact, green has been so disappointing over the past month that he has fallen out of the draft standings, going 0 for 11 and 3 for 13 as the no. 2 pick.In today’s game, Green showed a good mental state, full of impact and decisive and confident shooting, compared with the partners of Porter and Wood, it can be seen that Green and Matthews, sagu this group of transition line up better coordination.In addition is the rockets own attitude, today like Matthews, Martin performance is good, but get a little less time.The rockets should have gotten rid of Gordon and Wood and focused on developing young players, but now they don’t have either.Not to mention sexton and Rubio, and markkanen and Garland, who have been in great shape recently, can’t play, the cavs lost today.Today, it was mobley and Love who fought so hard.Mobley showed that he was a super individual, slam-dunking, pulled-and-counterattack, with height but no lack of agility, and was too hard for Wood to stop in the clutch.In addition, Love, with love’s current performance, the Cavaliers will definitely not take the initiative to seek a buyout, such a veteran is also good, can promote the young, the Cavaliers are currently in the first group in the East, maintain a winning rate of about 600, I am relatively optimistic about their prospects this season, is expected to become a dark horse role.

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