Gambi’s eldest daughter Liu Xiuhua, 14, smiles sweetly as she holds flowers in her hands

Liu Xiuhua, the eldest daughter of Hong Kong tycoon Joseph Lau and his wife Joseph Gamby, posted a recent photo on social media. Her eyes are clear and she looks like a girl.Liu xiuhua’s appearance level completely inherited her mother Gambi, her clever big eyes and the pear vortex on her face, all give a person a kind of gentle feeling, although only a small age, but can feel the beauty of growing up.As the eldest daughter of Joseph Lau and Gamby, she was spoilt, receiving expensive birthday gifts from her father and the company of her parents.Although liu was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, under Gamby’s guidance, she has grown into a lovely girl. She does not flaunt her wealth on social media platforms, nor does she wear luxury goods. Every time she appears in the camera, she looks clean and pure, which makes people like her.The little girl who smiles so brightly while holding a bunch of flowers is so cute.The pear vortex on her face is also very sweet, the appearance of curved eyebrows is quite natural, although do not apply makeup appearance is quite identifiable, the modelling of black is very gentle, the liu Xiuhua that lowers her head to sniff the flowers is beautiful and gentle.She has also posted selfies of herself, smiling at the camera as the youthful and energetic 14-year-old looks adorable in a white T-shirt, which she casually folds into.Even the filter is pink heart, you can see how girlish she is.Even her mobile phone chain is very girlish, a purple heart beads, looks full of personality.Dressed in a simple CKshirt, Liu xiuhua was taught by Gamby to keep a low profile as a child, so although she is a real lady, her lifestyle is great, just like that of a normal little girl.When a family of three is in the same frame, Liu Xiuhua is in front of the camera, which can be seen in front of her parents, she is still the image of a little princess, eyebrows and eyes curved and Gan such as a mistake.Joseph Lau also has much love for this daughter, after all, is the girl who grew up beside him.When it came time to make the vaccine connection, the family also came out together. Liu xiuhua looked lovely in her simple gradient hoodie, and she took a warm photo with her father. Gamby handled the relationship between the family well.Gambi’s 14-year-old daughter, Liu Xiuhua, looks pretty and sweet in the sun, holding flowers in her hands. What do you think of liu’s appearance and temperament?

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