Is old age OK?Does chronic disease affect?Hangzhou contract doctors close service to dispel concerns, the elderly vaccination more assured

Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Zhan Chengkai correspondent Wang Yangyang “I am so old, can I have a vaccine?”Recently, Hangzhou Sijiqing street community health service center general practitioner Wu Changzhen through a telephone interview, to understand the signing of the elderly vaccination situation.When asked back, 92-year-old Weng expressed concern.”Aunt, although you have high blood pressure, chronic disease is not a taboo for vaccination now, and your blood pressure has been relatively stable, which can be vaccinated.If I’m really worried, I can come and see you.”Wu Changzhen patiently to weng grandma ideological work, but also take into account the elderly leg inconvenience, the door for her physical examination and evaluation.The Hour News reporter learned that sijiqing Community Health Service Center provides considerate and thoughtful services for the elderly vaccination through interviews with contracted family doctors, opening green vaccination channels for the elderly, and volunteer guidance and consultation.”Our contracted doctors are familiar with patients’ conditions. Some elderly people have complicated underlying diseases. If the underlying diseases are well controlled and blood pressure and blood sugar are stable, we will recommend COVID-19 vaccination.If your condition is unstable or uncomfortable, you are advised to wait until your condition stabilizes before getting vaccinated.Wu Changzhen said, at present, more or psychological concerns, “so from our professional point of view to help them to determine, signed for a long time, the majority of elderly patients, they are more trust us.”Sijiqing Neighborhood Community Health Service Center, through the “double measures” of big data mapping and telephone visits, found out the vaccination situation of residents, understood the reasons why residents did not get vaccinated, and mobilized residents to take the initiative to get vaccinated, so as to ensure that eligible elderly people “should receive vaccination”, and jointly helped to improve the vaccination coverage rate of the elderly.Except for the old man by telephone interviews and on-site assessment, to more than 60 years old are special cases of the elderly body, the doctor will active docking signing the superior hospital experts, neurology, cardiology, precision guidance, respiratory and endocrinology departments, jointly can read new crown vaccine, and combined with the old concrete body circumstance to give professional advice and Suggestions.In order to solve the problems of the elderly with mobility problems and shorten their waiting time, the center has set up a green channel for vaccination for the elderly over 60 years old and the disabled with mobility problems.Volunteers will be arranged at the vaccination site to provide consultation and guidance services for the elderly. For the elderly with mobility difficulties and unaccompanied, volunteers will take the initiative to help the elderly, and use their mobile phones to help the elderly fill in information, so as to get through the “last mile” of vaccination for the elderly.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.

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