Just disobey!Marbury rebuild north control, 5 mixed son was removed, Sun Yue assistant, rushed to the playoffs

On April 2, Beijing time, the first round of CBA playoffs officially kicked off.This season the North Control men’s basketball team is really a pity, because the final result of the regular season, is fixed in the 13th place, only a noun can catch up with the last bus in the playoffs.And the North control men’s basketball team missed the playoffs this time, has been marbury coach team, the second consecutive missed the playoffs.From the north control men’s basketball management to give the signal, Marbury dismissed the possibility is not, so all changes will be from the team lineup up.First of all, north Control foreign aid, at least two of the three people have to leave.The most likely to be cut by the team, basically haas and landsberg.Let’s start with Haas, who marbury signed with the hope that haas would be able to connect with perimeter players, but the reality has been a bit different from marbury’s expectations.Because The athletic ability of Haas is not outstanding, the offensive means is very single.Although he scored more than 18 points per game, haas scored most of them through his personal skills, which had nothing to do with his team’s tactics.As for Landsburg, the overall situation is similar to haas.In addition, the local guard Ma Yong, the probability will also be dismissed by the club.Ma has played in 37 games for The North Control team this season, but he can only contribute 6 points per game, and his 3-point shooting percentage is worse than that of the center.And ma’s physical talent, as well as athletic ability in the team is not superior.So ma yong to stay at the club, can not play a positive role.Another native defender, Liao Saning, as marbury’s protege will certainly not leave the team.But if Marbury wants his team’s offense to flow, he must reduce Liao’s possession.Finally, the local interior, Wang Shaojie and Sun Siyao stay in the team is not too significant.Judging by the performances of both players in recent seasons, both players are basically close to the ceiling.The implication is that technological breakthroughs are hard to come by.And Wang Shaojie and Sun Siyao ball wind soft, physical quality is not outstanding, the future is difficult to carry the banner inside.Instead, Marbury is better to focus on zou Yuchen, he will be a 3D inside, so as to make up for the team’s incomplete forward line.It is worth noting that sun Yue, a former basketball player of The North Control Team, is expected to join the coaching staff of the north Control team in the new season to assist Marbury.If the north control men’s basketball said to the point, can be adjusted, the team’s performance of the new season is worth paying attention to.Fellow fans, what do you think of this?Feel free to discuss it in the comments section!

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