Sun Yining incident male master by net violence?The other party’s identity information is grilled, net friend: pu letter male ceiling

Sun Yining, who rose to fame with Chinese actor Wang Sicong, was harassed by a strange man on a plane recently. She revealed that the man recognized her on the plane and claimed to have brushed gifts for her, asking for a photo with Sun.But Sun Yining refused to the other side of the request, did not expect the man was unrelenting, but also swore at Sun Yining, Sun Yining in the cause and effect are sent to the Internet, quickly boarded the hot search, causing hot discussion.For Sun Yining’s Revelations, the man quickly posted a post on the social platform to deny her claims. The man said that he had never taken out his mobile phone to shoot Sun Yining, and if Sun Yining had not changed seats with his partner, he would not have looked at Sun Yining more.The man said, Sun Yining sat behind him, she has been kicking his seat, the other party asked Sun Yining not to kick, did not expect Sun Yining suddenly angry, and took out a mobile phone, to him a pat, but also has been abusing himself.Subsequently, Sun Yining also live on the male image of human flesh, and his photos posted to the Internet, from the male exposure to the video, Sun Yining accused each other of taking their own first, but also scold themselves.The man denied, Sun Yining asked him to take out a mobile phone to see, but the other party does not agree, it is worth mentioning that Sun Yining is really not easy to provoke people, the other party was she scolded to have nothing to say.Many people questioned the man’s popularity, and the woman said that the popularity was useless to her and could not be cashed in. She asked both parties to delete their videos at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow.In the early morning of February 15, Sun Yining again posted a microblog to report the other party’s PC, and also exposed the man’s real name. Ironically, before the man went to the PC, he also teased Mou Di in the moments of friends, saying that he should have used cash at that time, and the man also posted the chat record with the PC woman.Sun Yining again broke the news, revealed that the man full of lies, he and his friends chat group revealed that Sun Yining sat behind him, refused to take photos with themselves, but also scolded her in the group.Previously, the husband’s PC caused many post-00s pregnancy, from the chat records, the husband is foul-mouthed, completely a pair of wretched male appearance, talk completely without limits.The other side also revealed that many female netizens are doing special jobs, their own money to find her, the price of about 1500.After Sun Yining broke the news, the man’s comment area was quickly captured by netizens, some people said that the network violence is terrible, fortunately, I am the perpetrator, he is also known as the general letter male netizens.What’s more, after Sun yining exposed his photos, he frequently posted his own photos on the Internet. Netizens said, “How confident is he? Do you want to be a net celebrity?”However, some people think that the two sides may be hype, after all, Sun Yining accounted for a day of hot search yesterday, the success of a wave of fans, netizens are called her good just, good domineering.What do you think about that?Comment in the comments.

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