What pattern is acme comfortable big flat layer?

Can this apartment be crowned with the strongest flat floor?I believe you will have an answer after reading it.The outline of the whole door is square and positive, with a straight sense, the future will not be out of date, the whole door used 4+1 design, and there are four bedrooms using the whole bright suite, such a design can be described as extreme human nature.The elevator entrance hall is independently accessible, and the design method of double access is adopted. The north side can directly reach the housekeeping space and workers’ suites, and the operation of housekeeping function is very convenient.Double open the door to enter a door, front can place a noble porch, reflected the artistic grade of host.Southward is the old person room that takes bright window toilet, interior has the rich space that places clothes, morpheus area and area that wash bath face south entirely, can absorb abundant sunshine all day long, can be said to be comfortable.Intermediate sitting room used L sitting room to decorate means, not only north and south connect fully, and still have big horizontal hall.South surrounded by full-sized living balconies, can satisfy all kinds of life hobbies.The kitchen and dining room on the north side are arranged horizontally.It’s very convenient.Next to the restaurant can also be placed a unique wine cabinet, collection of some old wine, both can appreciate, but also taste, kill many birds with one stone, very pleasant.Rest area configuration 3 bedrooms, north and south double advocate lie the setting that lets door model class one step summit.Especially southerly advocate lie, enter type cloakroom and take bath crock of 4 separation toilet move line extremely convenient, south side still surrounds corner be born balcony, can decorate independent recreational area, easy it may be said is burst of water.The south facing second bedroom is just a stone’s breadth away from the bathroom with open window on the north side, hardly different from the suite.What do you think of this apartment model?

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