What?Russia didn’t sanction Joe Biden, it was His late father?

Russia announced on March 15 that it has added U.S. President Joe Biden to its sanctions list.In response, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said at a news briefing that biden’s name was misspelled and that the sanctions might actually target “his late father.”Biden’s name is spelled Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.The sanctions list posted on the Russian government’s website listed Biden as Joseph Robinette Biden, omits “Jr.,” which is actually the name of Biden’s late father.”I would first point out that President Biden is’ Joseph Robinet Biden Jr., ‘so they probably sanctioned his father, may he rest in peace,” Psaki told reporters at a press conference, according to INSIDER.She added: “None of us have any plans to travel to Russia or have any Russian bank accounts.”Despite the confusion, everyone knows who the Russian sanctions target.Ukrainian forces are counter-attacking Russian forces in “several areas of operation”, according to Mihaylo Podoljak, adviser to the Ukrainian president’s office, according to the latest news from The British sky news website on The 16th.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wants to address Japan’s parliament via video in protest against Russia, and discussions are under way with the Japanese government, sources said Thursday.The prime ministers of Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Poland took a train to Kiev, where a curfew has been imposed, to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on The evening of March 15.It is unclear what the leaders talked about, but they praised each other’s courage.The hardships and dangers of the journey are also good fodder for tweets.Mr. Zelensky explicitly acknowledged at the meeting that Ukraine now knows NATO membership is out of the question.The Prime ministers of Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic are in Kiev, the BBC reported, the first leaders to visit Ukraine since the outbreak of military conflict between Russia and Ukraine.Poland proposed the visit even after the European Union warned of possible security risks.Ukraine praised the courage of the three visiting leaders.Russia decided To withdraw from the Council of Europe Thursday, RIA Novosti reported Monday.Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on The 16th that the European Commission has become a propaganda tool of NATO.Zakharova told Russian media that everything in the European Commission had long since turned to dust and ashes.Right now, the organization is just a propaganda tool for NATO and does absolutely no fair and effective work.The group has become a hub for NATO political intelligence.Source: Silk Road New Observation summary

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