CCTV5 + live!Liaoning team ushered in the final battle, Yang Ming ensure sure

Although Liaoning beat Ningbo Fubang 118-102, Yang Ming was not satisfied with his team’s defense after the game.”To be honest, this is ningbo, I am strict with the defense, don’t look at the score, the defense of the team has a lot of things to improve.”The next game, Liaoning team ushered in the final battle, against the strength is not strong Nanjing with Xi, although Guo Ailun, Han Dejun, Zhang Zhenlin three main absence, but Yang Ming to ensure that nothing goes wrong, CCTV5+ live.Nanjing with xi game lost to Xinjiang team, suffered 24 consecutive defeat, 24 consecutive defeat with Xi the longest consecutive defeat in history, and against Liaoning team almost no play, with Xi 25 consecutive defeat is the longest consecutive defeat in team history!Tongxi was not strong, Xi Heat River, Wan Shengwei, Wang Xu, including the present Wang Zirui and others were injured, Wang Rui, Heng Yifeng, Wang Zixu caught a cold and had a fever, playing against Xinjiang team Tongxi 9 people out.Liaoning team, playing with xi so last – to – last team is a good opportunity to exercise young players!Zhao Jiwei is also expected to rest this game and played 31 minutes against Ningbo. Furge plays the main role alone. Yan Hanqi and Ma Zhuang, the young guards, will also get a lot of playing time.The most anticipated performance is the junior yu Zechen, 18 points, three points, a dunk, looking forward to his performance against Tongxi.A win over Tongxi would give Liaoning a record of 25-3, finishing the second phase with a commanding lead in the league and undoubtedly the best team in the CBA.But one concern for Liaoning fans is the form of Ferg and Morland, who have yet to fully adapt to the Liaoning system, with Morland in particular not playing as well as Zhu.How to let Ferg and Morland find their own team positioning, this is Yang Ming and his coaching staff in the window period to consider, this time it is too late to change foreign aid, can only find a way.Finally can rest, the players can’t wait to have a holiday, the mood is understandable, the last game, although the opponent strength is not strong, but also to prepare well, more attention to safety.The window period adjusts well, prepares for the final stage 3!Live tips: Thursday, January 27, 15:00 CCTV5+

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