Spring fishing beach requires us to go fishing “beach”, you must not go fishing “shallow”

The weather in early spring is changeable, the temperature is up and down, and the fish at this time are harder to catch than in winter.This is not an illusion, because the temperature in early spring is generally low, and the temperature is changeable, we often fish according to their own feelings.They feel comfortable with the sun and think it’s a good day for fishing, but from the fish’s point of view it’s probably not a good day to start fishing.Therefore, in the early spring, the air force will not pay attention to the air force or find the hiding place of the fish.Where are the fish hiding in the early spring?At this stage, the hiding position of fish is almost the same as that of winter. Anglers can refer to the method of looking for fishing position in winter to find fish.Today I would like to remind you that there are four fishing spots that look great, but there are no fish in early spring. Anglers should avoid these four spots when looking for fishing spots.First, do not catch shallow fishing point in spring there is a word called “spring fishing beach”, many fishing friends think this is the shallow water near the shore.Near shore shallow water is really good for fishing around late spring, but in early spring shallow water temperatures are too low for fish to come near shore shallow water.Therefore, fishermen should understand that “spring fishing beach” is not “spring fishing shallow”.Although the location of the beach water level is not very deep, but the beach is not exactly shallow.A beach is a slope where the water is shallow near the shore and deeper the farther away from the shore;Shallowness also includes a piece of shallow water where the bottom is flat.In this way, fishermen must understand.The beach is a slope, when the temperature is relatively low, fish will be in the deep water area, when the sun rises with the sunshine, the water temperature gradually rises, fish will slowly swim along the beach to the shallow water near the shore.If it were completely shallow water, the temperature difference between day and night would be too great for fish to swim in such shallow water today.Second, stay away from any artificially empty fishing spots that are over-medicated or are often heavily padded.Such a fishing position for a long time, it is filled with the smell of small medicine, or the bottom of the accumulation of a thick layer of nesting material.Fish don’t like the smell of messy water.For this kind of repeated someone fishing position we should be away from, if conditions can be empty fishing position, also do not let others go fishing, on a period of time to hit the nest again fishing words will have a harvest.Third, fish are very cautious in places where big fish often escape, and the fish will release some alarm signals after escaping, and other fish will not come to the nest after receiving the signal.If there is a lot of fish in one spot, then nearby fish will remember it and they will not come into the nest to take the bait.Fourth, there are electric fish or net fishing in the location of these fish will be harvested, even if the surviving fish will become alarmed birds.It is difficult to catch fish in this area, so it is important that anglers stay away from such popular fishing spots.Because of the weather and temperature, fishing is a little difficult at the moment, so you need to be more careful.Don’t be discouraged if you get into the air force. A lot of times fishing is up to luck. Fishing skills don’t solve all problems.

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