Still good media | novice how to do douyin store operation?

Novice is good media | do trill store operations?Since The official announcement of banning all third-party linked products, Douyin has started to lay out its e-commerce ecosystem and vigorously publicized various free traffic and supportive policies.Enter threshold and the enterprise C store of some treasure are completely consistent, only need a piece of business license (individual industrial and commercial door), a piece of ID card, a piece of bank card can be done.After opening the Tiktok store, the technical service fee for the first 30 days will be as low as 1% for new merchants.You can also apply for an enterprise number for free (normally 600 yuan is required).In fact, compared with other projects, it is really easy to complete the operation plan of Douyin Store. The threshold is very low.The core is to deal with the product, flow, product optimization, delivery (a consignment) and store basic operation (experience sub-maintenance).Among them, product, flow and product optimization are the most important. Today, the operation plan of Douyin Store will focus on selection, flow and product optimization.Selection of products in the operation plan of Douyin Store, you can directly choose popular products from other platforms, or select popular products from the window of alliance/head talent.General new stores can first top 150~200 products, general drainage products (priced within 9.9~19.9 yuan) on about 100, other profit products (priced at 30~50 yuan).If your douyin store operation plan is to do no source of douyin store, it is recommended to do household department stores, maternal and child toys, automobile outdoor categories.Although the profit of clothing shoes and bags is high, the return rate is too high. Because the products of players without goods are not their own, it will be more troublesome to deal with after-sales problems.Fashion jewelry, books, food, beauty makeup can also be done, as long as you can handle the relevant qualifications, in addition, fashion jewelry categories now also need directional access, not everyone can directly enter.Tiktok shop operation plan as far as possible do not do unpopular categories, the reasons for the following I will elaborate.The main flow of Tiktok store is to guess what you like to recommend, natural search and live broadcast room/short video.Among them guess you like and search traffic is relatively high profit, because there is no commission to the talent, the profit margin is as high as 40%.Guess you like the flow recommendation logic, Douyin shop guess you like the natural flow recommendation logic, is before in douyin e-commerce conference specifically mentioned interest e-commerce.Through the way of label, accurately predict user preferences, to choose users like cost-effective goods, so that there will be transformation.The platform will accurately predict users’ preferences based on their browsing, likes, comments, stays, etc. This recommendation is made through two tags.After understanding the recommendation logic of this product, you go to do the attribute words and hot search words of the product, and then cooperate with the fill order is very good into douyin store guess you like natural flow recommendation pool.Therefore, the operation plan of Douyin Store is very important if you want to play Douyin Store guess you like traffic.The wider the category or product user coverage, the higher the probability of your product entering the pool.How do I check whether a commodity is added to the pool?Direct search for the full title of goods in the search box search, can find proof into the pool, no search is not into the pool.If there is no pool, operation can be performed through S order.Detailed douyin shop natural flow S single play, public inconvenient to say too much, interested in the comment area.To sum up: that is to say, the more you like to recommend red Sea products, the higher the number of visitors to the product, the greater the chance of the order.Natural search Tiktok has now opened up the volume of product search.In any entry, such as home page, my order, short video, live square have search entry.Search page of the whole product ranking, the first product is usually live broadcast, or with high-quality short video products, douyin store directly displayed after the product links.It is not the higher the sales volume, the lower the price, the higher the ranking, but the ranking under a comprehensive statistics.At present, Douyin’s search volume is 150 to 200 million yuan per day, exceeding 20 billion searches per month, nearly 1/6 of Baidu’s size (120 to 150 billion yuan), and the growth rate is very amazing.What does that mean?Means douyin store business opportunity, not to pay attention to is a fool.There is also a source of douyin store traffic, which is the live broadcast or short video with goods.After the product is put on the shelf, a certain proportion of commission (10%~35%) will be set up and added to the selection alliance;Take the initiative to contact the talent or talent in the select alliance to actively find your goods hanging window, take a short video or live with goods.If you have a good talent to help you with goods, this traffic take off and the speed of the order is far faster than guess you like and natural search traffic.Generally speaking, these kinds of douyin store flow can be done, but also each has its own strengths.Master docking, more suitable for novices and players who just do Douyin shop, lower risk, slow and steady.Douyin small shop natural flow play, including guess you like and natural search is more suitable for want to shop fast, earn a high yield of the crowd.3. Product optimization Many novice stores ignore their products after they are put on the shelves, which is a very wrong way to operate Tiktok Stores.The product is the core, including the main picture, title, detail page of the product, in addition, price, SKU, commission ratio and many other details related to transformation, should be optimized according to the order situation.Main figure and details as far as possible to differentiate, do not and the platform has exploded single product theme and details of the same.Avoid being banned by the platform for “low praise rate of products in stores across the platform”.In addition, marketing keywords, such as best, special offers, seconds to kill, gifts, etc., should not appear in the title and details of the main map.SKU setting and commission setting can refer to popular products in the same industry or platform.For example, if you find the same product in the list or search page, for example, the screenshot below is also a sunshade hat. Why do some products have sales and some do not?You need to analyze the main picture, title, price, commission, SKU, comment section….. of a good productThen optimize your product.For products that do not list at all, you can also delete them directly.Find the commonalities of individual products, and then refine them one by one.So you go to do natural flow or docking master, the product is persuasive, the conversion rate will be high.To sum up, the threshold of Tiktok shop is still very low.At present, the development trajectory of Douyin Store is very similar to that of A Certain treasure many years ago. When it was just starting up, as long as you open a shop, you can order and make money. In addition, it is a bonus period now, and there is no big risk, which is a good opportunity to earn profits.

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